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From traditional yoga and classical Pilates to the latest revolutionary methods for posture correction, pain, relief, core support, anxiety solutions, insomnia and many more benefits for your health

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Harri is a wonderful teacher!  So positive and encouraging.  If you're thinking of taking up yoga, or going back after a break, I can't recommend her enough Jennifer Miles, London    
Yoga during my pregnancy made a real difference to my energy levels, swollen hands and feet and back tension. I learnt about the different stages of labour and breathing techniques that definitely helped me through.  I recommend it to everyone.  The MuTu system is also fantastic and I used this in pregnancy and immediately after.  I know I am so much stronger because of this. Pregnancy yoga & The MUTU System Sarah 2017
I was recommended surgery for a slipped disc and was in so much pain I believed this was the only option. I booked a package with Tish and made a few amendments to my lifestyle from shoes to changing my position at work.  I am a total convert to gait therapy as I am now pain free.  It feels like a miracle! Gait Realignment Therapy Helen

Classes we offer

Yoga for website


From slow and relaxing classes to dynamic practices.  For beginners to advanced practitioners.  Condition your body, de-stress, release tension, improve strength and flexibility. Understand the different styles of yoga here

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga

Ease tension, maintain good movement, condition your pelvic floor and core, prepare for labour, practice breathing exercises for energy and focus, relax. From 12 weeks (or earlier if you have practiced yoga before).

Copy of Private classes

Mum and baby yoga

Reconnect with yourself.  Gently find strength again focusing your pelvic floor, core and back muscles. Join other mums and babies for support.  Babies are engaged with massage and songs. From 8 weeks post birth.

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Pilates is a unique series of physical exercises, that help to correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, focusing on the core and lower back. We have mat classes for beginners to intermediate practitioners.

MUTU System

The MUTU System

with a MUTU Pro

A program to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, heal diastasis recti and lose weight. Brilliant during pregnancy and medically recommended for post baby recovery.

Yoga for women-2

Yoga for women

& women’s circles

Learn about menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause and how yoga can help.  In a way to support and enhance your life as a women.  Women’s circles are powerful sharing circles.
Spiral stabilisation

Spiral Stabilization

A revolutionary exercise method for the treatment and prevention of back problems, herniated discs, sciatica and other joints such as hip, knee, shoulder, and the foot. Correct your posture to be tension free.

Gait therapy

Gait Therapy

From Anatomy in Motion (as seen on the BBC’s Dr in the House) gait therapy is correcting imbalances in the way you walk. To eliminate tension and pain and find your way back to centre, a tension free place.

Private classes-2

Private sessions

Enjoy a session on your own or with a friend(s) in any of the classes/movement therapies on offer.  Understand your body, more about the modality you choose and how you can help yourself through the practice.

Who we are

Hi, we are a group of teachers and therapists truly passionate to help you improve your life whether that means to let go of stress, look after your body, eliminate pain, feel supported, take care of you as number 1

Our classes are open to all.  Our aim is that anyone can start yoga, pilates or other movement practices and feel comfortable. No need to be bendy, toned and able to stand on your head to attend! We can get you there if that’s your goal. Or help you  simply move in a good way, truly relax and let go of dis-ease and difficulties