Yoga, the full moon and you!

Yoga, the full moon and you!

Can you think back over this week and become aware of how you’ve been feeling? Do certain times and emotions jump out at you as a clear moment that you felt a certain way or are you surprised to discover you have been holding onto or experiencing one emotion or another? Some days we travel through life and are so used to the continual merry go round of emotions we don’t take a moment to notice how we are feeling.

This week was the full moon and during the full moon we might feel ‘more’. The full moon energy expands and intensifies everything, good and bad, so we get all the feels going on! It is also a time of fullness, completion, endings and letting go. While you might not follow the cycles of the moon you might be aware of more intensity in your emotions or energy at some points in the month, maybe you can notice if it syncs in with the moon?

If we relate the moon cycle to the breath the full moon would be the top of the inhalation, when we can feel the greatest amount of energy in the breath cycle, it is an upward moving energy that can make us feel energetic, emotional, ungrounded and it is the time of the month when we are most headstrong .

In Ashtanga Yoga it is traditional to rest on moon days (new and full moon) or do a moon practice, a more gentle and nurturing practice. One theory for this is that our headstrong selves may push too hard in a dynamic practice causing injury, so we should take this opportunity to abstain or slow down our practice.

‘Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequence of being yourself’

Bhagavad Gita

Can you think of your emotions this week? When you step on the mat this weekend/next week/next month can you let go of emotions that are weighing you down but you don’t need to hold on to? And can you come to the mat recognising on any day (full moon or not) what kind of practice you really need that day for your body and mind, so you can use your practice to learn about and understand yourself.

More challenging practices:

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More relaxing and restorative practices:

Yin yoga – slow gentle flow – restorative yoga – Hatha Yoga

Wimbledon sign in

Earlsfield sign in (we naturally do more challenging or relaxing practices according to the time of the month, heat etc.)

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