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    All you need for a great practice

The gifts that keep on giving

In the Wimbledon studio we have a shop with all your basic yoga & Pilates equipment

Yoga mats range from £18 – £80. The mats at the higher price range will last longer and have more grip. Lower priced mats stick to the ground but can be slippery under the hands and feet.

For a committed yoga practice you will usually need a couple of blocks, a strap and for a more restorative practice, a bolster. We have it all for you.  With some additional gifts to make a lovely space including incense, mala beads, a mug

As a studio with some specialist health practices we also have half foam rollers, correct toes and alignment socks



You can purchase a voucher for a loved one, for any amount. From £10 for our online starter package to a class pass or unlimited class pass.  Vouchers can be made and downloaded or emailed from here. Or if you would like a physical voucher please contact us

“I bought a yoga voucher for my 70 year old Mum. It was the best gift ever. She hasn’t stopped and now has a weekly practice she loves” – Lucy