Understand your practice: Iyengar yoga

Listening to Janette’s Iyengar class this morning I am inspired to understand my practice.  Iyengar yoga is not my usual style but sometimes it’s good to go outside your box, particularly towards an Iyengar practice.  Iyengar yoga looks at the precise physical alignment of poses.  Great for everyone from beginners to advanced students.  For example, you may have a proficient headstand practice, but do you know what you do with your wrists in that pose?  Or which poses give you ‘great legs’! Or how to release your skin in poses? Janette has been enlightening and offers Iyengar secrets to poses that you may not get in a faster flowing class.  Iyengar yoga makes you stop and think and ‘feel’ your alignment.  We have senior teachers Indira, Janette and Kate.  In every class I can feel the concentration, enjoy the laughter and I always learn something new, despite now knowing a fair bit about anatomy (as an Anatomy in Motion practitioner).  So even if it doesn’t grip you with the intensity of a flow practice, you will always have a new tool to use in any style of yoga you prefer.  Students are currently in relaxation. I can feel the stillness.

And after….a whoop from Marion for a first handstand!

Some student comments:

Maya (a Jivamukti teacher) – ‘Janette’s a genius’

Dee (a beginner who loved Ashtanga) – Iyengar was great in a very different way.  Hard, but not in a fast way like Ashtanga.  I had to get a pose ‘right’ and I now know where all my tight areas are and what to work on in other classes.  A great stretch.

Come and enjoy an Iyengar practice on Tuesdays at 9:30am, 7pm and Fridays at 6pm. 

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