A MUTU System review – Kate Middleton works on her abs

It has been recently reported by the Daily Mail that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton used the MUTU System to find her ‘svelte silhouette’ after the birth of her children.  3 children take quite a toll on your body especially in a 5 year period. 2nd and 3rd pregnancies you may find everything is even softer. Muscles relax quicker, you may have trouble with alignment, back pain, walking, turning over in bed and coughs and sneezes…well it can be an unfortunate surprise.  Did you bounce back after your first pregnancy – lucky you! Your body now knows what it’s doing, been there, done that – I’ll sag back into place thanks! This is the reality for most women.  So how come Kate looks so good? No doubt it crosses your mind that she has money, time, a personal trainer…..or maybe she is scrabbling around 3 children, tired, craving sugar just like the rest of us.  I actually have first hand information from a relative, who happens to be one of her and Pippa’s good friends, that Kate is a ‘normal’ mum. Yes, she does have a stylist for her royal duties but she has to put the work of exercise in herself. 3 children, even with support, still take up ALOT of time.  And we can see from Kate’s caring face, that she is a mum who will take that time.

What is the MUTU System

An online program that is medically and now royally approved for a very good reason.  Created by post natal fitness expert, Wendy Powell, this program has helped thousands of women feel themselves again.  A proven, tried and tested solution for ‘mummy tummy’, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness and a core that isn’t as functional or strong as you’d like it to be.  And the real beauty of it is it doesn’t take hours of time.  You won’t be doing the same 4 exercises for months and as soon as you feel strong enough to you can do more, right up to a quick but intensive workout. You can do this in your living room, surrounded by washing, toys and even with a baby or kids jumping on you.  In fact do it regularly (you can choose to be prompted) and babies tend to get sleepy resulting in some extra you time, and kids join in.  Watching mum roll or lunge around your living room floor is pretty good fun for them.

How it works at home

You know how it can take you 20 minutes to get out of your house with baby paraphernalia, a toddler refusing to let you help him put on his shoes, where’s the snack or bottle?  You don’t have to do any of that. In fact you don’t even need to get a mat.  A rug, carpet, cushion under your head will do just fine.  Yes, it is doing a little more than slumping on the sofa.  You do need to get on the floor or for some exercises lie back on the sofa.  Maybe you are getting down a lot anyway as you change a nappy.   You can click the program up on your phone, bring it up on a laptop, smart TV, or if you are a paper person have it printed out as a ‘cheatsheet’ of exercises.  Whatever you prefer. You can then choose to be guided through the exercises, with the breath, alignment cues or just turn this off and go. The program is 12 modules.  In those 12 modules you have 4 ‘core’ phases.  These are 11 minute videos you access through the site on wifi or download to your phone etc. They gradually build up your pelvic floor and core muscles in the best way possible for a mum.  What’s also great is you can choose to read more about how your pelvic floor works, check for a diastasis recti, see the many answers to questions other mums have posted in MUTU connect (connecting mums around the world).  And find recipes for snacks, meals when you are hungry afterwards.  A module can be done in a week and then you move to the next.  So you could do the whole program in 12 weeks if you like.  Or you can go slower than that, even take a little break, and then come back to it.

When you get to module 3 your practice is upped a little bit.  As in this is the time to bring in ‘intensives’. This is the low impact, cardio part of the program.  Realistically there is no losing pregnancy weight without heart rate up and getting moving.  You can choose to go through all the technique so you are getting it right or crack on with the exercises.  There are actually only 5 exercises, 45 seconds each, just done 3 times.  This is HIIT exercise. Surprisingly easy and maybe fun, endorphins will flood your system and you will feel like ‘wow, I’ve done something’.  The cool thing is this ‘something’ is just 25 minutes, recommended 3 times a week.  If life gets in the way, it doesn’t matter, you can come back to it or if you need some encouragement listen to Wendy’s life call on ‘what to do when life get’s in the way’ (she does monthly lifestyle webinars).  You can add your mobile number and be prompted to ‘do an intensive’.

As you go up the modules, things get a little stronger as you can do more, but nothing takes longer. It’s the same format.

Food, wine and all things fine

Ok, so I’ve heard that Kate does have a very polite way of declining cake.  And maybe we don’t get so much practice or know we will be photographed tomorrow.  Food is part of it.  If you are having sugar overload, and I’m sure you know there’s sugar in wine, the weight won’t drop quite so easily. MUTU includes having a think about healthy eating.  It’s not a diet, there are no restrictions, it’s simple guidance or how to make healthy choices.  And quick recipes for snacks, meals and treats.  Kate doesn’t have a ‘chef’ on hand cooking her meals.  She does have to make her own food choices.  I’ve heard Prince Harry makes a delicious roast chicken – lucky Meghan!

So you can do it

Yes,  you can do it your way.  That is you can purchase the online program and pretend you are in Kate’s living room.  You can attend group classes or check in with a MUTU Pro if you have any concerning issues. You can join Facebook groups (I’ll have to work on Kate joining in), or make a what’s app chat with friends to motivate each other.

15% off

And, as I am a certified MUTU Pro you can get the program with 15% off here.


If local to South London group classes are available in Earlsfield and Wimbledon.

Earlsfield – Tuesdays 8:05pm, Wednesdays 11am – book here

Wimbledon – Fridays 1:45pm – book here

Private session or with friends – see here

Enjoy yourself, know that you are doing something for you to feel that body confidence again after pregnancy, whether you have popped out 1 or 3 in 5 years.

I’m actually in my 3rd pregnancy, having finished this post, about to do my 11 minutes of movement and keep energy levels up. Are you with me?



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