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I’m a new mum knee deep in nappies, feeding and running around having slept just a little, trying to do the best for my baby. At times, as I’m sure you know, this feels all consuming. Where are you? Sometimes I get lost on the sofa, breast feeding whilst slumped, lap top out, trying to catch up with emails, texts or booking the latest immunisations. Then there’s that almighty sound of one up the back and it’s off to change his little outfit again. More feeding and then, if I’m lucky he’ll nap for 20 mins, just enough time for me to get the washing done or grab something to eat before crying and then some form of playtime. Sound familiar? At playtime I get beautiful smiles. Cuddling whilst he feeds, I am over whelmed by love. But where am I? What’s going on with my body? When did I last take a deep breath? And who am I now?  I have one amazing friend through this. It’s not his Dad or my mum, or a physical friend but yoga and meditation.


Luckily, amazingly, he slept in for a bit this morning. I was wide awake at his usual feeding. Lying in bed I thought I should get up and crack on with the piling list of things or express before I explode. I got up but what did I do? Absolutely nothing. That is I sat down to meditate to mindfully do nothing. Difficult but bliss. I laughed to myself as that list kept creeping back up in my head with new items, but those fleeting moments of nothingness were a blissful void that I can’t describe. I got to feel my body, I stopped to listen, I caught my breath, I found myself.


Dad came down with my bundle of joy. Having sat for 20 mins, my morning’s down to up dog with baby smiles felt great.


So this was a lucky morning. But even on the busiest days after the heaviest nights I would still take 2 minutes to catch my breath. I’m sure it affects my baby. I’m calm, he’s happy.  The day flows.


I’m fortunate to have been taught these techniques. Though, I am forever the student. Join me in mum & baby yoga and learn what may assist you. Even if caught feeding or comforting, enjoy baby smiles with no list in your head and take time to catch your breath.


Mum & baby yoga – Wimbledon – 5 week course starts Tuesday 25 June 12:45pm


Mum & Baby yoga – Earlsfield – 10 week course starts Monday 1 July 11:15am 

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