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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow &
    Hatha yoga teacher
    focuses on alignment in flow
    Anatomy in Motion Practitioner
    Certified MuTu Pro
    Thai Yoga masseur

Tish Dodson

Tish teaches according to those in front of her.  Working on what you may need in terms of alignment and posture.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow or dynamic yoga alongside Nutritious Movement(TM) and Anatomy in Motion techniques to aid physical healing.   ‘I like to teach a class that helps you grow or change where possible, whether that be to get out of physical pain, let go of stress or tension or just generally feel easier about movement and life.  My passion is sustainable yoga so in each class I try to give something you can hold onto and use in every day life’.  Tish teaches mainly in Earlsfield and 12pm on Fridays in Wimbledon

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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow & Hatha yoga teacher
    trained with Sivananda & Power Yoga
    mindfulness mediation guide

Lisa Smith

Lisa teaches creative flow classes building towards more challenging poses according to what you are looking for from the class.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow and dynamic yoga with elements of her passion – Ashtanga yoga, core strength vinyasa yoga.  The core of every class is mindfulness.  ‘I like to challenge myself and on my growing journey I bring my best tools into classes.  My classes are light hearted and fun’.  Lisa teaches in Wimbledon on Mondays 11:15am, Wednesdays 12:30pm, Thursdays 7:00am but you will see her most days in the studio.

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    Vinyasa Yoga

    Yin Yoga

Laura Vanderbiest

Laura, originally from Belgium, came to London to train as an actress and along the way, fell in love with yoga working alongside Tish. She trained with the renowned London School of Yoga in vinyasa yoga and teaches and has a huge passion for yin yoga. Having always been interested in physical expression and movement, teaching yoga was a natural progression after graduating from drama school. Her experiences as an actress have enabled her to develop practices which focus on body awareness, presence, alignment, visualisation and voice work. She loves to share her passion for yoga with others and preferably not taking it all too seriously. She believes Yoga is a perfect way to quiet the mind and find stillness in our busy and stressful lives, and find value joy and playfulness in life. She always strives to make her classes fun, active and mindful so that you leave positive, open and relaxed.

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    Vinyasa Flow


    Mum & Baby

Angharad (Harri) Sydney

Harri is an E-RYT 200/RYT 500 Yoga Alliance teacher who also specialises in Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga, and is a Yoga Alliance international approved continuing education provider.  She is about to complete her children’s yoga qualification, which will enable her to teach children from the age of 2- 12yrs and will be training in teaching yoga to ages 12-16 and children with additional needs in the new year.

As an ex-dancer Harri came to yoga to recover from a career ending injury and completely fell in love. Yoga has become an integral part of her life, physically, mentally and spiritually, she aims to bring the benefits she has experienced through practice to her students.

Her Vinyasa flow classes are dynamic, challenging and fun, focusing on alignment and breath – body connection, using her choreographic experience to create interesting sequencing. Her beginner classes are perfect for those with little or no experience of yoga whilst still retaining an element of playfulness.

Harri teaches Pregnancy yoga and Mum & Baby yoga focusing on supporting the steps to motherhood both physically and mentally to give women a sense of empowerment throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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    Sivananda & Jivamukti yoga teacher

    A professional dancer

    Trainee Pilates teacher

    Trainee movement psychologist

Jacqualene Ryan

Jacqui is orginally a Sivananda trained teacher. As a professional dancer she also brings her understanding of alignment and fludity into class and will often teach a flowing vibrant class with elements of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. She is now a Jivamukti teacher, training to be a Pilates teacher and movement psychologist. She has a very warm and welcoming approach and inspires students to find their inner teacher.

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    Yoga teacher

    (Ashtanga & Vinyasa)

    Pilates teacher

    Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Ashley Van Dyk

Ashley is an experienced, passionate and energetic Pilates and Yoga Instructor. She is trained in both New York/Classic and Stott Pilates styles, and Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. For the past 8 years she has perfected her style and love for Pilates with a level 3, mat, small equipment and machinery qualification and spent time in India for her yoga training. Ashley prides herself on constantly updating and educating her knowledge of Pilates and yoga. She has completed her Pre and Post Natal Pilates course so you can attend her classes whilst pregnant. She has extensive rehabilitation experience working with Physiotherapist and as a Physio-assistant. She believes a healthy mind is a result of a balanced and pain free body, regardless of age and injury. She also feels it is important to maintain a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere in the studio. Pilates, Yoga and meditation are a way of life for Ashley, she thrives on new challenges and goes above and beyond to help clients.

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    Iyengar Teacher

    Level II

Valentina Marconi

Valentina discovered Yoga in 2007. Since then, she has practised Iyengar yoga regularly and with growing interest and dedication. Over the years, she has met passionate teachers who nurtured her interest for this discipline. Inspired by their ability to create a pleasant learning environment where students can develop a fine sensitivity and improve through regular practice. Valentina qualified in 2016. She now holds an Iyengar yoga Introductory level II teaching certificate, and continues to practice and learn with her teachers and students.

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    Posture Alignment Specialist

    Pilates Teacher

    Anatomy in Motion Trained

    Body Mind Workers Trained

Serina Kudhail

Serina is a Posture Alignment Specialist and Body Control Pilates teacher. She’s trained in Anatomy in Motion, Neuro Kinetic Therapy and Body Mind Workers. Alongside an invigorating Pilates practice she can help you rebalance compensating muscles for pain relief and give you amazing insight into your body.

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    Iyengar Teacher

    Senior Intermediate Level 1

Peter (Toto) Kosasih

Peter is a Senior Intermediate Level 1 teacher. He is a firm believer of aligning the body, mind and breath in improving postures and helping students to practice abiding in comfort and stability. His style is informative, systematic, and progressive, yet patient, warm and reassuring.

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    Iyengar Teacher


Janette Browne

Janette discovered yoga as a teenager whilst searching for an ‘easy’ form of exercise that was not the traditional forms on offer in school. She was surprised to discover how yoga began to build confidence whilst freeing her from mild depression and severe anxiety. Initially her practice programs were taken from books and she spent many years searching for a teacher. Eventually, in 1988, she discovered Iyengar Yoga and was lucky enough to attend classes with Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta, who had set up the first Iyengar Yoga institute in the UK and are authors of ‘Yoga, The Iyengar Way’. Janette has been a Certificated Iyengar yoga teacher since 1995 and has also now gained her Intermediate qualification. Her knowledge is kept up to date by working regularly with UK, European and Indian Senior teachers. She is fortunate enough to have been taught by BKS & Dr Geeta Iyengar in London, Europe and Pune, and aims to infuse her classes with a sense of fun in a desire to make yoga accessible all. Especially those wishing to reduce stress improve their general health and gain an overall sense of well being.

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    Yoga Teacher

    Power Yoga

    Dynamic Yoga

Silvia Pinzaglia

London based Senior Yoga Alliance Teacher. Silvia is also a Course Leader at the renowned YogaLondon School where she teaches the Teacher Training and CPD. Like many, Silvia, came to Yoga as a way to exercise but became amazed straight away by the healing qualities of the practice; both physical, mental and spiritual, especially by the healing properties of the breath, until she decided to take the leap and study to become a teacher. The physical practice of the Asana (Posture) and Pranayama (Breath extension) brought a new awareness into Silvia’s life, first in the physical and then in the spiritual journey.

Silvia practiced many different styles and methods and has also traveled to Japan where she studied Yoga & Zen Meditation with the Buddhist monks.

Silvia’s classes are dynamic, challenging and fun as well as calming. They help to strength while emphasizing on the breath, alignment and precision.

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    Pilates Instructor


    Myofascial Release Specialist

Dana Bregman

Dana is a fully certified (APPI) Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist and Myofascial Release Specialist. With an interest in persistent (chronic) pain, postural management, ergonomics, movement and hypermobility.
Dana’s passion for exercise and extensive knowledge as a physiotherapist enables her to use Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, particularly for those recovering from back pain or other injuries, for those with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis and also for those recuperating from a long-term illness, whether mental or physical.

Silvia’s classes are dynamic, challenging and fun as well as calming. They help to strength while emphasizing on the breath, alignment and precision.

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    Iyengar Teacher

Anita Phillips

Anita gained her Introductory Certificate in 2014, having studied with Sallie Sullivan and Stephen Richardson at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale, and with Julie Hodges at the Putney Iyengar Yoga Centre. Anita says ” I was originally drawn to yoga by a work-related injury, I saw this issue happily resolved and was completely captivated by the Iyengar method.” Anita studies weekly with Senior teachers in London, and is looking forward to her third visit in November 2017 to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune.
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    Vinyasa Flow

    Yin Yoga


Hayley Fardell

Hayley started yoga in 2010 as a way to relax and de-stress and found her life changed in so many unexpected ways: she found a new sense of inner calm, felt more at peace in her body and began to find balance in her life.

Hayley loved the way she felt after yoga sessions and wanted to share that experience with others so decided to do a teacher training. Completing her 200 hour Yoga Alliance multi-style teacher training in India in December 2017.

Since then she’s been teaching Dynamic Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Beginners and Yin yoga classes as well as a weekly Restorative yoga class. Her classes focus on using the breath and mindful movement to nurture, nourish and connect with ourselves in the present moment.

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    Flow & Recharge Yoga

Che Dyer

Che is a warm and friendly teacher originally from sunny South Africa. Che’s desire to share the practice of yoga with others arose from the profound positive shifts that yoga created in her own personal physical and mental wellbeing.

Having studied both in London and in India – the birthplace of yoga Che’s classes bring the ancient teachings and traditions of yoga into a modern context in a way that is fun, relevant and easy to apply so that the practice of yoga moves beyond the mat and into our everyday lives for sustainable lifelong change.

From her classes you can expect breath-led movements, mindful and creative sequencing, optimal alignment and often the exploration of yoga philosophy or minset work weaved into the practice. Che invites you to ‘be where you are’ – so her classes can be both dynamic and challenging, but also include plenty of moifications and options making them all inclusive and accessible for all.

Expect to breathe, move, sweat, tone, tune in, restore and leave feeling inspired!

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    Vinyasa Flow

Eleanor Forder

Eleanor’s love of movement and fascination with the human mind, body and spirit have guided her onto her current path, and dictates what, how and why she shares her passion with her students. She’s dedicated herself to the study of how humans can function better, exploring the fields of yoga and other movement modalities, anatomy and physiology, breathwork, meditation, philosophy, psychology, and massage.

Eleanor teached mostly Vinyasa and Hatha flow – bringing in experimental practices to enhance the traditional practice. She likes to challenge her students, though this doesn’t neccessarily mean more sweat and grit – in fact, the challenge may be quite the opposite. She is continuing her formal studies in Remedial Therapy, Sports Massage and Yoga Therapy to inform the way she can facilitate transformation in her students.

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    Vinyasa Flow

Tegen Whyte

Movement has always been the go to for happiness for Tegen. As a professional dancer, exploring the body in space provided a focus and passion for many years. It was the benefits for the physical body that drew her to yoga originally, but the nourishing effects on mind and mood that has furthered her fascination. Completing her 200hr TTC with Samasti Yoga School in Bali in 2017.

Her classes have creative sequencing playing with the transitions between asanas, and exploring the movement of the body. Creating a space to reconnect body and mind, and providing an accessible way in to yoga for all.