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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow &
    Hatha yoga teacher
    focuses on alignment in flow
    Anatomy in Motion Practitioner
    Certified MuTu Pro
    Thai Yoga masseur

Tish Dodson

Tish teaches according to those in front of her.  Working on what you may need in terms of alignment and posture.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow or dynamic yoga alongside Nutritious Movement(TM) and Anatomy in Motion techniques to aid physical healing.   ‘I like to teach a class that helps you grow or change where possible, whether that be to get out of physical pain, let go of stress or tension or just generally feel easier about movement and life.  My passion is sustainable yoga so in each class I try to give something you can hold onto and use in every day life’.  

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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow & Hatha yoga teacher
    trained with Sivananda & Power Yoga
    mindfulness mediation guide

Lisa Smith

Lisa teaches creative flow classes building towards more challenging poses according to what you are looking for from the class.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow and dynamic yoga with elements of her passion – Ashtanga yoga, core strength vinyasa yoga.  The core of every class is mindfulness.  ‘I like to challenge myself and on my growing journey I bring my best tools into classes.  My classes are light hearted and fun’. 

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    Vinyasa Flow


    Mum & Baby

Angharad (Harri) Sydney

Harri is an E-RYT 200/RYT 500 Yoga Alliance teacher who also specialises in Pregnancy, Postnatal yoga and is also qualified to teach children and teens aged 2-16yrs. Harri is a Yoga Alliance international approved continuing education provider. As an ex-dancer Harri came to yoga to recover from a career ending injury and completely fell in love. Yoga has become an integral part of her life, physically, mentally and spiritually, she aims to bring the benefits she has experienced through practice to her students. Her Vinyasa flow classes are dynamic, challenging and fun, focusing on alignment and breath – body connection, using her choreographic experience to create interesting sequencing. Her beginner classes are perfect for those with little or no experience of yoga whilst still retaining an element of playfulness. Harri teaches Pregnancy yoga and Mum & Baby yoga focusing on supporting the steps to motherhood both physically and mentally to give women a sense of empowerment throughout pregnancy and beyond.  She loves seeing people getting stronger and building confidence. Learning to listen to their bodies and do what feels right for them in that particular class.

When Harri isn’t teaching, she can be found fully immersed outside in nature, at a music gig, or out bouldering.

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    Yoga teacher

    (Ashtanga & Vinyasa)

    Pilates teacher

    Anatomy In Motion Practitioner

Ashley Van Dyk

Ashley is an experienced, passionate and energetic Pilates and Yoga Instructor. She is trained in both New York/Classic and Stott Pilates styles, and Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. For the past 8 years she has perfected her style and love for Pilates with a level 3, mat, small equipment and machinery qualification and spent time in India for her yoga training. Ashley prides herself on constantly updating and educating her knowledge of Pilates and yoga. She has completed her Pre and Post Natal Pilates course so you can attend her classes whilst pregnant. She has extensive rehabilitation experience working with Physiotherapist and as a Physio-assistant. She believes a healthy mind is a result of a balanced and pain free body, regardless of age and injury. She also feels it is important to maintain a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere in the studio. Pilates, Yoga and meditation are a way of life for Ashley, she thrives on new challenges and goes above and beyond to help clients.

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    Mind-Body Calibration teacher

Eleanor Forder

Eleanor was able to study to be a Yoga teacher in New York and quickly felt the need for it to become her entire life. After experiencing stuggles with her own mental, physical and spiritual health she felt that her body was out of alignment and needed to make some drastic changes. She is passionate about biomechanics and other forms of body awareness and conditioning.  Rather than working with more ‘traditional’ yoga asanas, she teaches somatics/intuative movement in her classes, focusing on her students with breath awareness and moving with ease and mindfully.

When not teaching, Eleanor will be taking part in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting or simply enjoying free movement and dancing.

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    MuTu Pro

    Vinyasa flow teacher

Lon Gibbons

Lon started yoga for herself in the mid 1990s as per Mum originally had done it for years, so it was always there in the background.  She had explored another movement practice called Lotte Berk during her teens/early 20s but the yoga was more interesting because it wasn’t simply movement.

Lon is our resident Women’s Health advocate. She is passionate about post-natal women, menopausal women and Women’s Wellbeing. Her mission is to help her students feel great in their body and have the energy to create a life you love. She really loves learning how different aspects of yoga – postures, breath, yamas etc affect different parts of the brain. She is using lots of this in her classes at the moment! In her classes you, she encourages an awareness of the breath, tuning into subtle sensations in the body, taking time, adding new ways of doing a pose or breathing in a pose.

When Lon isn’t teaching, she will be gardening in her allotment, singing in a choir, spending time with family and friends and travelling wherever possible!

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    Pilates Teacher

    Flow Yoga

Doretta Natalucci

Doretta joined a yoga class in South Africa about 30years ago, thinking she was pretty fit and flexible back then but she could not do half of the poses – that got her hooked! She decided that she loved it so much, and went on to do her Teacher Training. Since then she has trained in various styles all around the world as she believed in how  wonderful it made her feel and wanted to share this with others.

She loves it when her students just Let Go!  When she sees her students walk into or join a class on line they are all stressed or tight and  uncomfortable  from their day and at the end of the session they all relaxed and chilled… they have to just let go! She teaches all different styles with lots of laughter and fun included in her classes too. She loves a relaxing mellow class the most.

“Your body is a temple  ~  and you should always  be learning to worship and respect it!”  When not teaching, Doretta is outside in nature or riding motorbikes.

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    Vinyasa Flow

Tanyth Withers

Tanyth started her yoga journey when her mum gave her a book on Sun Salutation A when she was 17 and found an immediate sense of curiosity and freedom that has kept her exploring ever since! That led her to going on to do her 200hour training in India in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.

Tanyth loves when her students find their own expression of the movement – she loves to see how students figure out the best path for them within that moment. And loves seeing them rest as much as challenge themselves –“I feel like each unfolds a new understanding into being mindful about where the body is at”. Her style is Vinyasa; gentle slow and unwinding or deep, challenging and energetic. She loves to get a playful movement that brings about fluidity into the body. Sometimes when the mind is stuck and you find yourself in a one direction spiral, getting into the body and finding space and fluidity rests the mind and in turn invites space and fluidity into the breath, into the body and into the mind.

When Tanyth is not teaching, you will find her with her Interior Design hat on, reading and tending to her plants!

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    Yoga Teacher

    Ashtanga trained

Malise Rosbech

Malise has dipped in and out of practising yoga asana for years, but fell head over heals with it in 2017. Initially, she started because she had a lot of chronic stress symptoms in her body which doctors couldn’t do anything about. After a few months these symptoms started to lessen and her mind became calmer and more focused – she just felt much better overall. After about  2 years into her yoga journey she found an amazing teacher who inspired her to want to learn more about yoga – she did not initially plan to teach myself. But as her teacher training progressed she found out she really wanted to share her knowledge and passion with other people. So teaching yoga is completely labour driven by pure passion

Malise loves when her students are confident enough to listen to their bodies, knowing that it is actually their practise. She teaches Ashtanga yoga here at Jiva Health and enjoys a strong but relaxed and fun practise.

When Malise isn’t teaching you will find her baking both the traditional rye bread of Denmark (“as you can’t get a good loaf of rye bread in this country” she says!) and wheat sourdough. 

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    Pilates Instructor

Erika Fincza

Erika received her classical Pilates Instructor certificates in the USA and Budapest. Having been a professional dancer, Erika gained a lot of knowledge from being a dancer and choreographer for several years. She will try to mix all of that experience into her teaching today. Prevention and rehabilitation became the two keys in her teaching and her life, and started teaching Pilates, a perfectly holistic vision, which really suits her style and attitude. Erika finds that her creative background provides her to focus on the connection of movement, with the importance of health. When she instructs Pilates, she aims to motivate everyone to make that connection throughout a body & mind training.

She is able to help different kinds of groups or individuals, with different kinds of goals – from the beginner through to the advanced ones as well. She also likes to maintain my classes quite versatile, hence using equipment regularly.

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    Vinyasa Flow, Yin

Yaz Smith

Yaz started practicing yoga when she was 16 in a Bikram class with her parents, after they thought it might help her find focus!  She is so lucky that they took her to that first class as it has completely changed her life.  Yoga is the thing that grounds her and brings her back to what is truly important in her life.

She always knew she wanted to teach yoga. She has always loved philosophy and the big questions in life and when she was 16 in classes and looking at the teacher, she would think how much she would love to do that one day. Yaz’s favourite styles are Vinyasa Flow and Yin too. She loves to bring Philosophy into her classes wherever possible.

When not teaching, Yaz will be playing guitar, singing and mixing music She also practices shamanism and is training as an astrologer.

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    Flow & Recharge Yoga

Che Dyer

Che is a warm and friendly teacher originally from sunny South Africa. Che’s desire to share the practice of yoga with others arose from the profound positive shifts that yoga created in her own personal physical and mental wellbeing.

Having studied both in London and in India – the birthplace of yoga Che’s classes bring the ancient teachings and traditions of yoga into a modern context in a way that is fun, relevant and easy to apply so that the practice of yoga moves beyond the mat and into our everyday lives for sustainable lifelong change.

From her classes you can expect breath-led movements, mindful and creative sequencing, optimal alignment and often the exploration of yoga philosophy or minset work weaved into the practice. Che invites you to ‘be where you are’ – so her classes can be both dynamic and challenging, but also include plenty of moifications and options making them all inclusive and accessible for all.

Expect to breathe, move, sweat, tone, tune in, restore and leave feeling inspired!