Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This week is Halloween a time of fun, dressing up, carving pumpkins and trick or treating but is there another more serious side to this holiday?

It’s said that Halloween traditions largely come from the Celtic festival of Samhain, which is celebrated by Pagans, Druids and Wiccans as one of the major festivals in the wheel of the year.

It is the time to celebrate the last harvest as we move fully towards the darker half of the year.

The festival is at the mid-point of the season so we can now really see the change in seasonal energy. Autumn is where energy turns inward as we leave the outer world behind.

The things on the outside need to die in order for a turning in and re-growth to take place: Samhain celebrates that death.

It is said that the veils between the worlds of the dead and the living is at its thinnest at this time of the year, which is why this is the time of year to celebrate endings and new beginnings, death and re-birth. This festival is a time to celebrate mother nature and her seasons.

The celebration of Samhain also teaches us to recognise the importance of death in the cycle of life and helps to support our own growth and spiritual evolution.

  • The energy turns inwards – As we are deep into autumn now you can see the inward shift of energy all around you, in nature the trees and plants are dying and drawing their energy in for the winter and you can probably feel it in yourself. Our inner lives want our attention and it is a time of year for us to work on making peace with ourselves, letting go of judgement and observing our inner self.
  • Embrace the darkness – As we move into the dark side of the year, can you embrace the darkness? When you turn inwards can you look into the dark parts of yourself or does that make you fearful? Can you embrace what is in those dark parts and send yourself unconditional love and compassion?
  • Let go of what needs to die – This is the season and the celebration of death. We need death to happen for the re-growth to take place. Just as in nature what in you needs to die for a re-birth or growth to happen? Can you let go of those things to allow the space for the new to flourish? This is a great time of year for manifestation so grab your journal and start manifesting what you want in the coming year!
  • A time to nurture – We all feel the darker months are a time we need more nurturing, we want blankets and soup and warmth! As we take these journeys into the darker parts of ourselves and take the time to let things go that no longer serve us, we need to treat ourselves with some serious amounts of love and compassion. Wonderfully, we are now entering the feminine/Yin time of year, Yin energy is gentle and restful and perfect for this much required self care.
On Wednesday we will be celebrating Halloween and Samhain with some fun Halloween themes and a little bit of Samhain magic for the spirit!
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