Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Emotional Freedom Technique known as EFT or Tapping

There are many practices available to boost your mood and work on ‘being positive’.  Positivity is one of the main aims of a Yoga practice. Feeling better and at more peace is the goal of meditation. What if underneath the work of ‘being positive’ there are negative emotions paddling away.  You may stay afloat through some effort but they are there a bit like the background noise of a washing machine. Perhaps even so ingrained you just don’t notice them.

You can google the law of attraction, manifestation techniques, 5 ways to be positive and the list goes on. You can sit for meditation or practice yoga and feel brighter and calmer. And then your partner does something you don’t like, leaves something on the floor or doesn’t do what you expect. Maybe a colleague irritates you, or you feel awkward or not good enough around someone. Perhaps you feel anger rising as you repeat an instruction to your child for the 100th time or pick up yet another piece of clothing. Certainly with practice, yoga and meditation and working with the breath will be accessible tools in that moment. But maybe you are totally ‘in your head’ or overwhelmed as you experience these emotions.  This is where EFT is a unique and easy tool that can quite literally free you from that emotion or overwhelm. Or the background noise of negative emotions that surface.

What do you do?

You tap with your fingers along the meridian lines used in acupuncture. And use specific statements to clear negative emotions.  The tapping brings to the surface emotions that are trapped in the body. Emotions that you may or may not recognise as being there. Essentially the tapping keeps the conscious mind busy so the subconscious emotions show up.  Like shaking a clogged pipe, you begin to release.

When can you use this?

All the time.  Daily.  As long as you have your hands freely available and you have learnt the tapping points you can tap to reduce or release a negative emotion. It is so useful. Someone annoys you – tap. You feel not good enough or stuck – tap. You want something but there seem to be obstacles in the way – tap. Tap, tap, tap.

Want to learn more

There are lots of people practicing EFT out there, quite a few incorrectly. Learn the correct tool with Alice Bradshaw  in her workshop to spring clean your emotions – Saturday 20 February at 4:45pm. Online and recorded.  Book here 

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