“Knowledge is power. To know the facts and understand what is happening, in any aspect of life, this is empowering. It is from this place of embodied knowledge that you can make informed decisions and grow”
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    Mindful adjustments


Body reading and mindful adjustments

Sunday 21 November with Tish Dodson 11:30am – 5:30pm

Earlsfield – at Grove Pilates

As we come out of the Covid pandemic body reading and mindful adjustments can be the difference between someone staying with an online practice or coming to your class. If you are new as a yoga teacher it can sometimes feel like a push to get your own classes. You may get on cover lists, but for those clients to recommend you or ask where you are teaching they need to leave knowing they have been guided, adjusted where appropriate, and their physical and mental needs have been taken into consideration in your teaching. This takes practice. However there are some tips and techniques to being the teacher you set out to be and being an excellent teacher. Where your mind isn’t in a spin about the sequence you are going to teach or keeping to a plan, but mindfully in the room with your clients.


“Power is in the detail or the baby moves (whatever language appeals) and I loved the term ‘movement medicine’ that you used. Such a simple class that packed a punch”  Amanda after a session with Tish 
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    Become comfortable with adjustments

Learn how to:

  • how to look around the room and be off your mat more
  • how to read the room and to know when to approach someone for an adjustment
  • how to use simple verbal adjustments that are less well known or taught – for example about the hands and feet that can make a difference to the entire body
  • how to see how someone holds energy in a pose and to create energy
  • how to make a mindful slight adjustment
  • how to make bigger adjustments recognising the energy of the client
  • how to make delicious savasana adjustments

Leave feeling comfortable making really effective verbal adjustments or physical adjustments

Tish is the founder of Jiva Health, and has been teaching yoga, Pilates and movement for 14 years alongside practising Thai Yoga Massage (a deep mindful massage where you are taking someone into yoga poses) and Rossiter stretching. And as an Anatomy in Motion practitioner and restorative exercise specialist observing how people move and walk and finding the missing pieces to help them release pain and tension

TIMES: 11:30 – 17:30pm Sunday 21 November

LOCATIONGrove Pilates, 15 Smith’s Yard, Earlsfield SW18 4HR.  This is down the cobbled street off Summerley Street (just behind Barclays Bank) and into the yard on the right.  Head to the archway past the fountain and you will see the studio the other side of the archway. Parking is available on Summerley Street or surrounding streets.

PRICE: £140

Space is limited to 10 people