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    Understand labour and birth

    and how you can use yoga to help

Applying yoga in labour and birth

Sunday 3 June 3:45 – 5:15pm with Lon Gibbons £25

Are you pregnant and looking to understand a little more about giving birth and how you can make things easier?

  • Learn the stages of labour and the hormonal journey
  • Look at birth plans and whether they are helpful or not. How to stay open minded and present.
  • Understand labour and birth in a creative way
  • Applying yoga poses to different stages and scenarios (to create more space in the pelvis for example)
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to stay calm and focused
  • Tips for your partner so that he/she can support you in a relaxed way
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    Eat right for your baby

    Natural solutions to pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and insomnia

    Tips on creating healthy meals and snacks

Nutrition for a healthy and happy pregnancy

Coming soon 4pm – 5:15pm with Catherine Pohl £25 – please contact us if interested

Are you pregnant, wanting to learn how to best nourish yourself during pregnancy? Eating well is never closer to the forefront of your mind than when you’re carrying your unborn child, but making sense of all the information can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming. Join me for an interactive workshop to:

  • Understand what the right foods are for you and your baby, and how to incorporate them into your diet
  • Learn about natural solutions for common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, cramps and insomnia
  • Get practical tips on creating healthy meals and snacks, and how to use nutrition to help prepare you for birth and beyond