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    And suddenly you know:

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    and trust the magic of beginnings

    Meister Eckhart

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We recommend booking via our online interactive timetable here, especially for evening/weekend classes. Once set up it takes seconds to book a class. If online booking isn’t your thing drop by reception.

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Run through your needs, alignment and goals. Sessions start from £45 for 45 minutes

I am enjoying all the different styles of yoga available at Jiva Health, and I feel very lucky to have found your studio just when I needed it. General yoga Evelyn

Joining a group yoga class

We have many different styles of yoga.  All classes will improve your flexibility, strength, love for your body, clarity for your mind – more on the benefits of yoga

Here’s a snippet of info but please read full descriptions on our timetable.  Just want to know what to wear/bring etc?  See our FAQs here

You may want to….

Move slowly, understand your alignment and know you are getting poses right from the start – choose yoga for beginners, Hatha yoga or Iyengar yoga (all suitable for beginners).  In all of these classes teachers will look at your alignment and how to improve your poses on a physical level.  This is the essence of Iyengar yoga.  Yoga for beginners and Hatha yoga may also incorporate more breathing practices and mindfulness or yoga philosophy. Looking at your alignment is not always easy or gentle.  However you work at your own pace on the mat.  Iyengar yoga practices usually incorporate restorative classes every 6 weeks or so. If you are older you may enjoy starting with Iyengar yoga on Tuesdays at 9:30am and then try gentle flow on Thursday at 10am or Hatha yoga on Friday at 12pm (not always gentle but will make a definite difference to your alignment).

Practice stillness and mindfulness whilst enjoying a deep stretch – choose yin yoga and mindfulness (also suitable for beginners).  In restorative classes (offered every 6 weeks or so in Iyengar yoga and workshops) and yin yoga expect to do less movement and fewer poses.  Instead your hold poses for a longer period of time to get a deep stretch.  This is very beneficial for the body but can be challenging mentally.  Finding stillness in the mind gets easier with practice and you really reap the benefits so don’t let one class put you off.  Mindfulness is the core of any yoga class – you are ‘mindful’ in every pose. However yin yoga and mindfulness on Sundays at 4:30pm will take you deeper in this practice.

Move more smoothly with the breath and find some space mentally as you focus on moving – choose gentle flow, flow & recharge, vinyasa flow.  These are flowing practices i.e. you start to move with more pace.  Each class will be different according to the teachers approach and theme to the class. As the name suggests gentle flow will always be gentle however flow & recharge and vinyasa flow may get more dynamic and challenging depending on the teacher and majority of students in the class.

Definitely feel the challenge – choose Jivamukti yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga yoga.  These classes are based on dynamic movement and can be fast. They will usually bring you out in a sweat depending on how often you practice.  Some people are surprised at how challenging yoga can be.  It is designed to improve your range of motion,  strength and overall well being. Ashtanga yoga follows what’s called the primary series and is mostly always the same sequence.  It is a very traditional practice and probably the most challenging.  You’ll really see an improvement.  Some people prefer this faster movement to focus the mind.  We recommend finding a balance in your yoga practice between challenging classes and slower classes.

Practice for a healthy pregnancy and birth – choose pregnancy yoga on Thursdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 10:50am. These are classes designed to prepare you for pregnancy, birth and beyond.  There maybe other classes suitable for you depending on if you have already been practicing yoga or what you are looking for.   Not all of our teachers are pregnancy trained so we advise contacting us before attending any class.  Contact us here

Practice after birth – choose mum & baby yoga and the MuTu system certified by a MuTu pro.  Yoga is so beneficial after birth to feel like you again, restore your body confidence and help you bond and have fun with your baby and other mums going through what you are. The MuTu system is a specific practice to restore the mummy tummy, improve pelvic floor function and re-align your body.

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