Welcome to Jiva Health.  We have two locations.  A purpose built studio just outside Wimbledon station, and a shabby chic movement room in a community centre that we share with a school in Earlsfield. The locations are very different and therefore run differently with different prices. We now have an amazing community online too. We are currently open for all classes with social distancing in place, subject to the Government guidelines.

Covid-19 Update: We are open for all classes, treatments and workshops with socially distanced measures in place.

Choose either Wimbledon or Earlsfield


Start with a group class or private session

Join us in a group class any day of the week. Choose from regular classes throughout the day. New or not sure about joining a group class? Start with a private session to address your goals, put you at ease, manage any injuries, or working on progressing.  Private sessions are online and have returned to the Wimbledon studio.  Please contact us with times and requirements for a private session.

Wimbledon Timetable

Styles and prices

Choose from several different styles of yoga, Pilates and specialist movement practices. Scroll down for some assistance in choosing the right class for you. Drop in, or save with a class pass or monthly unlimited class pass.

I am enjoying all the different styles of yoga available at Jiva Health, and I feel very lucky to have found your studio just when I needed it. General yoga Evelyn


Start with a group class, course or private session

Earlsfield is a shared community space with a school. Think church hall but with some coloured drawings on the walls. It’s very basic but for some reason, when the lights are low and we are practicing there is the most amazing energy there. It’s been noticed that we may be practicing with angels. It is only open for yoga in the evening and weekends. Drop in for a group class or join a course. Courses run like a class pass except once booked your space is saved and there is no need to keep booking. We follow a theme so you see real progression or gain new understanding in your practice and fall in love with yoga the way we have. And you get to practice with mostly the same people so there is a lovely community feel.  So much so people often make life long friends and there’s even been a marriage! New or not sure about joining a group class? Start with a private session to address your goals, injuries, or see more progression. Contact us with convenient times and any requirements.

Earlsfield Timetable

Styles and prices

Classes are an eclectic mix of yoga for beginners, Hatha and vinyasa yoga, alignment techniques and refining and progressing your practice.  Simply yoga at it’s best.  Following the theme of a course.  A course runs like a class pass except there is no need to then book your class.  You choose a class you can mostly attend with your favourite teacher and your space is then saved for the duration of the course. You can make it up if you miss a class, at any time during the course


Styles of yoga and movement practices

There are many different styles of yoga and if you are new to the practice it can be confusing.  All classes will improve your flexibility, strength, love for your body, clarity for your mind – more on the benefits of yoga  

Over lockdown we slimmed down the timetable and changed some names to address our changing needs of the time. The more traditional practices of Iyengar yoga, Sivananda Yoga and Ashtanga yoga are now back in the studio.  

What are you looking to achieve from starting yoga? See below and try out some styles according to your needs. It may be worth knowing that sometimes you can not enjoy a particular style (or dare we say it a ‘teacher’) but then go on to LOVE another. We have regular introductory offers so you can try a variety of classes.  Our current offer for classes: £25 for 10 consecutive days.  Book here 

Just want to know what to wear/bring etc?  See our FAQs here

Move slowly, get a good foundation and know you are getting poses right from the start – choose yoga for beginners, Hatha yoga, alignment yoga, or Iyengar yoga. All are suitable for beginners. In all of these classes teachers will look at your alignment and how to improve your poses on a physical level. Yoga for beginners and Hatha yoga may also incorporate more breathing practices and mindfulness or yoga philosophy. Looking at your alignment is not always easy or gentle. However you work at your own pace on the mat.  

Practice stillness and mindfulness whilst enjoying a deep stretch – choose ‘restorative flow’ or ‘yin yoga’ (also suitable for beginners).  In these classes expect to do less movement and fewer poses or simply practice more slowly. You may hold poses for a longer period of time to get a deep stretch. This is very beneficial for the body and delicious mental healing. Finding stillness in the mind gets easier with practice and you really reap the benefits so don’t let one class put you off if it feels ‘too slow’. Mindfulness is the core of any yoga class – you are ‘mindful’ in every pose. 

Move more smoothly with the breath and find some space mentally as you focus on moving – choose ‘midweek melt’, ‘becoming unstuck’, ‘refine and progress’. These are flowing practices i.e. you start to move with more pace. Each class will be different according to the teachers approach and theme to the class. The name usually suggests the pace of the class. It may sometimes get more dynamic and challenging depending on the teacher and majority of students in the class.

Definitely feel the challenge – choose ‘becoming unstuck vinyasa flow’ , ‘wake up flow’, ‘vinyasa flow’ and ‘creative challenge vinyasa flow’.  These classes are based on dynamic movement and can be fast. They will usually bring you out in a sweat depending on how often you practice.  Some people are surprised at how challenging yoga can be.  It is designed to improve your range of motion,  strength and overall well being. We hope to have Ashtanga yoga back online and in the studio from May 2021. Ashtanga yoga follows what’s called the primary series and is mostly always the same sequence. It is a very traditional practice and probably the most challenging.  You’ll really see an improvement.  Some people prefer this faster movement to focus the mind. We recommend finding a balance in your yoga practice between challenging classes and slower classes.

Practice for a healthy pregnancy and birth – choose pregnancy yoga on Sundays. Also the MUTU System (this is not yoga but Pilates and a workout). These are classes designed to prepare you for pregnancy, birth and beyond. There maybe other classes suitable for you depending on if you have already been practicing yoga or what you are looking for.  Not all of our teachers are pregnancy trained so we advise contacting us before attending any class.  Contact us here

Practice after birth – choose ‘improve your core’ (the MuTu system certified by a MuTu pro). Mum and baby yoga returns in April 2021. It is so beneficial after birth to feel like you again, restore your body confidence and help you bond and have fun with your baby and other mums going through what you are. The MuTu system is a specific practice to restore the mummy tummy, improve pelvic floor function and re-align your body.

Not sure?  Have injuries to discuss? Ask us here