Yoga classes for you to feel good physically and mentally, with experienced teachers and movement therapists

Classes are on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday and from 24 November Wednesday evening. Classes are run from the Earlsfield Community hall (St Andrew’s Parish Hall) or Grove Pilates venue or you can join in from your own home as they can also be live streamed.

Classes are general yoga for beginners – advanced yogis,  pregnancy yoga, Mum and Baby yoga and the pre & post natal practice, the MUTU System

Drop in or join a course – Drop in to any classes now. Or join a course. They work like a class pass, except your space is saved for you and you do not have to keep booking. You see real progression in your practice. You can sign up and if you miss a class you can make it up at any other time. As the months get colder we are looking to build our strength, immune system and reduce stress in ‘normal’ life. Scroll down for the full timetable.

Our teachers have years of experience. You will learn probably a bit more than the average yoga class such as what you are doing with the arches in your feet, or your optimum number of blocks to open your hips effectively.

Or please read on for more information

Class schedule

Classes are mostly in the evenings and weekends (except mum and baby and post natal classes). Classes are in person and live-streamed on Monday and Tuesday. And pregnancy yoga and Saturday vinyasa flow are in person.

For the October – December timetable please see below

Space for in person classes is limited to 12 people at this time and usually less.

Book now

Please click on the links below for direct booking or read on for more information. For the live stream version of the class please choose ‘Live stream….’. Monday and Tuesday classes will be live streamed. Other classes may be live streamed by request.

Timetable from November

The classes in bold are running now or from November as indicated. We are bringing back more classes in January (we hope!). Please register your interest below.

To book the course click ‘details’ or to drop in to any class scroll down to the ‘book’ button

Monday 6:45pm – 8:00pm – beginners/slow and steady flow with Harri – book here

Live stream Monday 6:45pm -8:00pm – beginners/slow and steady flow with Harri – book here

Monday 8:05 – 9:20pm – evening stretch and breath work with Harri (please register your interest)

Tuesday 6:45pm – 8:00pm  – refine and progress yoga book here

Live stream Tuesday 6:45pm – 8:00pm  – refine and progress yoga  – book here

Tuesday 8:05pm – 9:00pm –  pre/post natal practice The MUTU System with a pro – book here

Wednesday 6:45pm – 8:00pm – mixed level flow with Nikki – starts soon (please register your interest)

Wednesday 7:45pm – 8:45pm – feel good yoga – 4 week course starting 24 November register your interest

Saturday 9:30am – 10:45am – pregnancy yoga with Sophie – book here

Saturday 11:00am – 12:15pm – (starts 18 Sept) mixed level flow with Sophie (beginners welcome) –   book here

Feel good yoga with Nicki

New 4 course from 24 November to 15 December Wednesdays 7:45pm

Nicki is a new teacher we are mentoring. All our other teachers have years of experience and are movement therapists. Nicki has been practicing yoga for years and now starting out as a teacher and as such we are offering a discounted 4 week yoga course in November. Work on the very best bits of a yoga practice. The course will take you through:

  1. Body appreciation – increasing general strength, flexibility and stamina
  2. Opening up – releasing shoulder tension and lengthening and strengthening the spine
  3. Turning inwards – focusing on twists and releasing internal tension
  4. Returning – a relaxing practice to soothe and calm the nervous system 

4 weeks £40 or drop in £15

How to book: a course or drop in

Yes I want to come regularly

Courses follow a theme, and you space is guaranteed each week. The next courses are 6-8 weeks from November –  December.  You can join in any time and do not have to attended any previous classes. Courses are designed to allow you to benefit from the continued practice of yoga so you can feel a real difference and progress. They work in the same way as a class pass, except you do not have to book your class each week. Join the course and you are booked in. If you know you will miss a class during the course you can easily make this up at any other class during the course.

From the timetable below click ‘details’ and ‘details’ again to view the course. Or from a phone it may say ‘view course’.

Drop in per session

Please click on the class below. It may say ‘part of a course’. You can just click ‘book’ next to the class to drop in online for £13 or in person from £15

Live stream yoga

Classes are live streamed on Mondays and Tuesdays as space will be limited. You can request other classes to be live streamed here. You may want to stay with one of our amazing teachers from the comfort of your own home. Be in your pyjamas, have kids around, or enjoy a little space for some ‘you’ time and in this period when yoga may be your sanctuary.  The teacher can see and guide you in your practice, if you choose. She may also be moving around the room focusing on the clients present and, when we can, adjusting poses. For this reason, at the moment it is a cheaper option to live stream a class.

Booking info and prices

Courses –  choose one class a week you can mostly attend.  If you miss a class you can make this up at any other time during the course.  Please contact Tish on 07887850882 if you have any questions

To book the course via Gymcatch please click on ‘details’ and ‘view course’

Drop in from £13 online or £15 in the studio

Course prices from £104 for 8 weeks (£13 per class) or £88 to live stream the class (£11 per class). Live streaming is less as the attention is focused on those in person. However, of course, we look at the screen where possible.

We use an online booking system  – powered by Gymcatch. 

Another way to book: if you are used to making transfers, you can transfer for any of the packages above. Acc: Jiva Health (Earlsfield) Ltd, Sort Code: 09-01-28, Acc no: 40053506 Note Please let us know for speed.  email here

Offers/coming more than once a week

If you have a friend/loved one who wishes to join the course we will give you 20% off your course price. Please email us to organise.

If you wish to come to two classes a week get 20% off the price of two courses.  (£10.40 per class)

If you wish to come to unlimited classes book two courses at full price and you can come to any class (subject to space). Due to social distancing please let us know if this is your aim.  (£8.66 per class if you come 3 x a week)

‘I can’t see the timetable to book’ – If all you see is a someone running please click here . Classes show in date order.  Please skip forward to next week if you cannot see a timetable but not a class. You do not have to download the gym catch app but if you will be regularly dropping in you may wish to do so. You can get this here

For a video on how to use Gym catch please see here