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If looking for daytime classes please see the Wimbledon timetable or get in touch to set up your own group

Mum and baby/MUTU System classes may change by 15 mins.  Mums have different nursery pick up times etc so please get in touch if you would like to come to a class but need it to be a little earlier or later

Do you want to do a weekly class where you feel a real difference physically and mentally? Evening and weekend classes for beginners – advanced yogis. A course with experienced yoga teachers, movement therapists and specialists in back care, stress, anxiety, sleep and more.

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When can I start?

Now or any time up until Saturday 22nd December (the last class is Saturday 11am 22nd Dec).   You can join in at any time into any class by coming regularly and seeing real progression, or dropping in (subject to space).  Book below choosing ‘any class drop in’ to drop in (£15) or bring cash.   It will say below if a class is fully booked.

Mum and baby yoga –  11:15am at Grove Pilates, 15 Smith’s Yard, Earlsfield up to an including Monday 17 Dec – You can join in anytime. Book below 


Join the next course/block book regular classes for a discount

From 6th January – 15th March – 10 classes

The courses run in a very similar way to a class pass except we have themes and offer more to help you progress though a practice and make a sustainable difference physically and mentally.   To book choose the time you will mostly be able to attend.  It doesn’t matter if you miss a class as you can make this up.  For information on the style and which level please see here.

You only need to book once to have your space saved for you to attend weekly.  No other pre-booking is needed and you are not having to remember to book. You will not be scrambling to get a space weekly.

If you miss ‘your’ class you can make this up at any time during the course. We are very flexible about this.  You are not tied down if it’s not your thing to come at the same time every week. Some people just prefer to commit to one particular class.  For more information on how this works see here

What’s the course about?

There’s a whole lot more to yoga than fitness.  Fitness, flexibility, practicing handstands, are fun bonuses of yoga, not the whole part.  The courses offer a taste of real yoga, a practice that allows daily life to be easier, whether that’s daily movement to be easier or if you have a challenge at work, in a relationship, or you have particular goals or anything with your own personal self.  ‘Be the change you want to see the world’ as Gandhi said.  The world starts with you and how you perceive it and take part in it. Yoga is a little bit of magic that our teachers are so passionate about to make a difference. We work with the latest movement therapies and mental techniques that really are the very best of the best including ‘Anatomy in Motion’ as featured on Dr. in the House (and in Dr. Chatterjee’s new best selling book – the 4 pillar plan), Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement biomechanics and relaxation, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques from Body Mind Workers.  Is this yoga? Yes it’s all the best of traditional yoga updated to modern understanding of anatomy and the mind.   All practices will help you make a sustainable change to your body, posture and alignment. And mentally take you to a better place.  Some practices are dynamic, some more about breaking things down.  Each class is different depending on the theme.  It is not just bashing out a fitness practice but classes to allow you to go home feeling great on many levels.

Yoga has definitely changed my life. I am in such a better place than I’ve ever been and this course and teaching has played a huge part in that.  Katie 2017

I’ve done hot yoga before but these classes don’t compare…I now really get why people regularly practice.  Tish worked specifically with my body making the changes I need in a pose .  And I’ve really experienced the mental benefits from Tish’s teaching of the ‘screen’ and letting go of negative thoughts.  Louise 2018

Drop in up until 22 December or buy the next course:

Drop in to any class below. Drop in classes below are for the classes that run until Saturday 22nd December. Or book for the next course starting the week of 7th Jan – 15th March (10 classes)    Looking to join beginners but unsure? Request a trial class, subject to space.  To guarantee your space go ahead and book and if you decide you didn’t enjoy the class tell us within 7 days and we will refund the course price. 

You can pay by card via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account.  

Avoid the fees – we know PayPal isn’t always convenient and there are fees so please contact us to pay by bank transfer

Terms and conditions apply 


DayTimeClassPriceonline booking feeTotalBook Online
Drop inAny class MondayAny class from now£15.00£0.71£15.71
Monday11:15am - 12:15pmMum & baby yoga 6 weeks(held at Grove Pilates) with Lon from 7th Jan (6 classes)£72.00£2.65£74.65
Monday7:00pm - 8:15pmLevel 1 - beginners with Che from 7th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Monday8:20pm - 9:35pmMixed level yoga with Che from 7th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
TuesdayAny class from nowAny£15.00£0.71£15.71
Tuesday6:45 to 8:00pmLevel 2 with Che (from 8th Jan 10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Tuesday8:05 to 9:05pmThe MUTU System with a MuTu pro (from 8th Jan 10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
WednesdayAny class from nowAny£15.00£0.71£15.71
Wednesday11:00 - 12:00pm (with Lon)MUTU System with a certified MUTU Pro from 8th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Wednesday6:45 to 8:00pm (with Becca)Level 3 from 8th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Wednesday8:05 to 9:20pm (with Becca)Level 1+ from 8th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Thursday drop in7:00pmLevel 2£15.00£0.71£15.71
Thursday7:00 to 8:15pm (with Che)Level 2 from 9th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Saturday drop in11:00amMixed levels£15.00£0.71£15.71
Saturday11:00am (with Che)Mixed levels from 11th Jan£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Sunday class drop inAnyAny (specify in notes)£15.00£0.71£15.71
Sunday5:30pm - 6:45pmPregnancy yoga from 6th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Sunday7:00pm - 8:15pmYin/relaxing yoga from 6th Jan (10 classes)£125.00£4.45£129.45
Coming soon4pm - 5:15pmWorkshop: Nutrition in pregnancy with Catherine Pohl£25£1.05£26.05
Coming back soon3:45pm - 5:15pmWorkshop: Applying yoga in birth with Lon Gibbons£25£1.05£26.05