We offer yoga classes to make you feel good and make a real difference,  with the very latest in anatomy techniques, breathing,  mindfulness and stress, and women’s health. Classes are Hatha/vinyasa yoga classes – meaning the physical practice of poses.  Most of the classes are not from one set style but cover a mix of practices (Hatha, vinyasa, dynamic, yin yoga) that actually suit you and will make a difference, whether you suffer from long hours at a desk, a bad back or aches and pains, stress and anxiety – or you are pregnant/a new mum and would like to stay healthy, recover easily and be supported on your journey. 

Tish is a senior teacher, trained in various yoga styles and Anatomy in Motion (posture & pain solution). She is currently training with Katy...
Lon is a senior teacher, trained in various yoga styles, a women's health specialist and Doula, currently training with Katy Bowman...

Level 1

Best if you are a complete beginner, or you have done only a few classes and therefore want to start at the beginning for a good foundation. The theory behind the practice is explained in detail, and the alignment and benefit of each pose. Learn about how your body and mind works so that you practice yoga in a better way.  Start to move securely and confidently through a gentle flow yoga practice and some longer held poses for the maximum benefit.  Mondays 7pm

Level 1+

This class is for anyone who may have some experience but wants to cover the foundations. It is also suitable to total beginners but there will be more poses to work on.   Each week we work on a theme so you see true progression to be comfortable doing any style of yoga or any level. And the themes introduce the mental aspects of a yoga practice. Wednesdays 8:05pm

Level 2

Mainly a flowing vinyasa yoga practice with mindfulness. Including elements of Nutritious Movement (TM) techniques and Anatomy in Motion.   Best if you are comfortable with basic postures, you’ve done enough yoga to understand the breathing techniques, and you would like to have more of a challenge and take yourself deeper both physically and mentally. The level 2 classes vary every week based on the theme of a course. A basic level of knowledge is assumed as classes can follow a faster flow. Tuesdays 6:45pm and 8:05pm, Thursdays 7pm

Level 3

Best if you have been doing yoga for a while now and are happy to try some more advanced poses to deepen your practice. You like to be challenged both mentally and physically. Please note you will still work within your range of motion, just challenging your edge. The level 3 classes vary each week based on the theme of a course.  They will challenge you on all levels but always finish with a deep relaxation.  Wednesdays 6:45pm

Mixed ability

All abilities are welcome no matter where you are on your yoga journey. Every level will be catered for and you can progress at your own pace.  We usually have fun classes and you will always be asked what kind of class you would like or if you have any requests i.e. parts of the body to work on, poses etc. We bring in all the different aspects of a yoga practice, from the physical Mondays 8:20pmSaturdays 11am

Yin yoga

The complimentary practice to more dynamic styles.  All yoga is about balance, finding the yin and yang.  Often yoga classes are high energy and yang style.  Yin yoga is the opposite, slow with poses that give a deep stretch.   Physically we hold low poses for longer periods of time to work to a deeper level and affect connective tissue in a different way to help you increase your range of motion and natural flexibility.  Benefits include recovering the natural curves of the spine and mobility around joints.  Yin yoga prepares you for deep meditation and brings awareness to your physical and energetic body.  All levels welcome.  Sundays 7pm