Do you feel that your body has changed since pregnancy, child birth or through the hormonal changes we go through as we age?

Do you leak a little when you sneeze, cough or feel you shouldn’t run or join your children on a trampoline?

Do you feel like you still look pregnant or get offered a seat on the train as people think you are pregnant?

Have you had a C-section and felt things have never been the same with your abdomen?

Or do you just want to fit back into those pre-pregnancy clothes?

So many women go through this and you can solve it all and actually feel stronger with a better functioning body than before pregnancy or as you age.

It is common for women to have diastasis recti and a weak or tight pelvic floor.  Diastasis recti is where your abdominal muscles separate and where the connective tissue between your muscles becomes very thin.  Your abdominal organs then press against the thin connective tissue and make you look pregnant and possibly give you back pain or digestive complaints. Alongside a weak pelvic floor it can be difficult for a new mum or even a mum of much older children.  Luckily there is the MUTU System.  And work with a MUTU Pro and you can also practice alongside other mums in person or online, get the support you need, work on your alignment for a speedier recovery and get the motivation you need to look after you so that you are at your best.

Work with Tish to help you make the most out of the MUTU System and get effective results.

A MuTu pro session involves:-

  • Listening – we are all different and although the MUTU system is aimed at all mums/women, how you go through it, what you want to address and work on maybe different. Tish will listen to your symptoms and concerns and devise the best way for you to work with the MUTU system
  • Check your diastasis recti – not many GPs know how to do this correctly or what constitutes an abdominal gap that maybe of concern
  • Go through your understanding and feeling of your pelvic floor
  • Look at your alignment and perfecting your technique of the exercises for more effective results.  This may involve looking at the way you breathe, the position of your feet, knees and joints
  • Providing advice and additional techniques or modifications for any issues that arise such as correct breathing, back pain, knee pain etc.
  • Accountability – Support and motivate you through the programme


1 initial private session – £70 in person or via Skype

1 initial session with up to 3 friends – £80 in person or via Skype

Follow up package for 1 person: 6 x 45 min sessions for £270. Ideal alongside the 12 week online programme. 1 x session per fortnight, ongoing support and encouragement.

Follow up package for up to 3 people: 6 x 1hr sessions for £350. Ideal alongside the 12 week online programme. 1 x session per fortnight, ongoing support and encouragement.

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It was great to see a professional. Its like a student / teacher relationship. The teacher will guide /support you all the way. Tish is a mother so knows about DR and getting the flat tummy any mum would like. She provides a professional service and tailor made my 90mins and adapted my body / alignment to what I needed. Tish was amazing. The best 90mins of my life. MuTu system 1-1 Jyoti, March 2017
Learn more with Tish, your MuTu Pro and get 15% off the online programme

What is the online programme?

MuTu®System is a globally recognised + award winning training programme for women who want their bodies to look, feel + function better after having a baby. It is the definitive, medically reviewed + endorsed Mummy Tummy Workout System, created by postpartum fitness expert Wendy Powell, for women who want a core + a pelvic floor that work, feel right + do their job. It’s for women who want to lose weight after childbirth + keep it off.

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The bestselling online 12 Week Programme combines tummy flattening, core strengthening, pelvic floor restoring expertise, with an eating plan + low impact but high intensive workouts to help you tone up + drop fat. This programme teaches you how to correctly use the core muscles during a work out, not only for the intensive workouts provided, but in any chosen activities or sports outside of MuTu. It is the ultimate coaching package for safe fat burning, body shaping workouts as well as total core + pelvic floor restoration + strengthening.

Whether you had your babies years ago, or you’ve just been cleared for exercise post childbirth, MuTu System is a proven, tried and tested solution for “mummy tummy,” diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, and a core that isn’t as functional or strong as you’d like it to be.


Looking for classes?  We run courses in Earlsfield and a drop in class on Tuesdays 8:05pm and Wednesday 10am in Earlsfield.  And Fridays 1:45pm in Wimbledon.