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    Gait realignment therapy

    Movement therapy

    based on the way you walk

    as a long term solution to pain

What does it do?

  • Immediately gets you feeling easier, lighter, able to move well
  • improves posture 
  • improves function and performance through the whole body
  • moves the body away from tension and pain
  • resets the body to it’s natural centre

Gait therapy is a form of movement/physical therapy based on the Anatomy in Motion method (AiM) to take you away from tension and pain.  Gary Ward has created the map of how we find centre in our body as we move.  His flow motion model looks at how you walk and move in your everyday activities to help you find a way to live with ease or better function.  As such it is the most advanced bio-mechanical and gait analysis and treatment on offer in the UK. Usually a 1-1 session as it is so specific to your gait.  But you may want an introduction or 1-1 is not an option for you.  As an effective treatment for the whole body this information covers our group classes. 

Offered by Anatomy in Motion (AiM) practitioners

We don’t always stand or move well. You may be leaning backwards, turning your feet out, collapsing an ankle etc. Various imbalances creep in coupled with tension. Or we sit at a desk for long periods of time and start to notice the changes this creates in the body (head forward, tight hips, rounded shoulders etc).

The body is amazing and compensates for what we take it through, or what we don’t. However, sometimes you may want to help it out, or the imbalance is just too much and pain results which you don’t want to live with. There is a way to enhance the way you move, or as a client said recently ‘use less energy’ when you walk, run, practice yoga, and there is a very effective way to create better posture. We can correct imbalances, reduce or eliminate any pain present or improve your performance. It is so efficient as a form of movement therapy as it incorporates what you do naturally all the time. As a result it can be a long term solution to pain. 

To make an effective change it is definitely better to have a private session. Read about private sessions here

Group gait realignment classes are coming soon.

However, Tish offers some gait work in her Pilates class.

Tuesday 1:00 pm – Pilates and Gait realignment – book here

These give you a basic understanding of gait realignment therapy. Or if you have had a private session they are a great way to go through the exercises with hands-on assistance. 

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