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    Pregnancy yoga

    Practice with Sophie James

    Saturdays 9:30am

    Tone your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy

    Establish a calm mind, inner balance and strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Maybe right now you have a total mix of feelings and emotions. Excited, nervous, sooo tired, nauseated… at times you pick up energy, at times you just want to sleep. And relax. You are going through a transitional period where your physical and mental well being are so important for you and your growing little one. Having a journey with other women and finding support is so important. It is said to ‘take a village to bring up a child’. And that starts from pregnancy. And then there’s you and your body…

So how does Yoga help?

Yoga will increase your self- awareness as your body goes through changes, and allows you to be more comfortable and confident with these changes. Get a weekly session when you can feel completely nourished.  Learn invaluable tips in movement such how to maintain hip strength to support our pelvis for an easier birth, learn about your pelvic floor muscles, how your core works, and how yoga can help during contractions in labour, and build trust and confidence in your body that you can do this, and recover with more ease after birth. 

Saturdays 9:30am –  You can drop in or join for the next 5 weeks 

People join whenever it feels right for them. You will learn valuable information and will not be ‘behind’ if you drop into classes here and there. Joining a course allows you to save your space without having to rebook and get the discount.

TIME: 09:30 – 10:45am Saturdays

DATES: Drop in or join for 5 weeks until 18 December

LOCATION:St. Andrew’s Parish Hall (The Chelsea school of children). Head past Townsend Mews, and the white brick wall. Take the side entrance through the iron gate. At the end of the alley turn left in through the black door and then immediately right up the stairs.

PRICE: £65 for 5 weeks (£13 a class) or £15 drop in

Progress, understand how yoga can massively help in pregnancy and beyond, save money, and guarantee your space by joining a course and purchasing upfront (£13 per class).  The course applies to the what we go through in pregnancy from tiredness to yoga you can do during labour.  It does not matter when you join in. 

If you cannot make a class you can make this up at any other class within before Christmas by arrangement

Looking to come twice a week to this and the pre natal class ‘the MUTU System’? Contact us to be directed to the best class and a 20% discount

Practice on Saturdays to ease you in to a relaxing weekend.  Each week we go through a theme relating to your pregnancy and some things you may go through post birth.

Pregnancy Yoga with Sophie will help you: –

  • establish a calm mind, inner balance and strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth
  • maintain physical strength in your core, hips, back and encourage lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention and swollen hands and feet
  • encourage deep relaxation through proper diaphragmatic breathing,  helping to stabilize emotions and deal with tiredness, and understand how your baby is so connected to your breath
  • tone your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy, and increases their elasticity preparing them for birth
  • learn about yoga nidra vital to keep up when tired and with the inevitable changes in your sleep
  • help you recover more easily post birth
  • Meet other mums to be, share stories, keep in shape and learn week by week right up to birth (yoga is great during labour!)

You are making a great choice for your little one. 95% of our subconscious conditioned responses are embedded in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first 7 years of life.  There is no manual so to approach pregnancy and mothering mindfully gives your child the most amazing headstart in life. Breath is life and a mother’s deep breath goes much further than making a contraction easier.  Start this incredible journey now…

A little bit about the teacher: Sophie is a new mum and only a short distance away from her own pregnancy.  She will ensure you are practicing the very best in movement for your pelvic floor, core and all the muscles supporting your pelvis for an easier birth.  In each class there is space for questions and help with things such as birth plans, sleep, back and pelvic pain and any issues that come for you during pregnancy. Sophie has her own experience with SPD/pelvic girdle pain which seems to be more frequently occurring in pregnancy. She will guide you accordingly. 

Contact us if you have any questions or call Tish on 07887850882. Pregnancy yoga is advised from 12 weeks onwards or earlier if you had a practice prior to becoming pregnant. It is advised after your first scan partly for insurance purposes and partly because it is advised in pregnancy not to start anything new. Of course if you have practiced yoga before it maybe more gentle than what you already do, in which case go along.  

Money back guarantee: We understand yoga isn’t for everyone. If you join the course and don’t enjoy your first class, tell us before the 2nd week and we will refund the course payment

Read on for frequently asked questions

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    I’d like to join but will miss a class

    If you have signed up to the course or a block of classes but you are away, you can make them up at any other suitable class during the course. Please contact us to book. We have many other suitable and really beneficial classes such as the MUTU System and general yoga (with a pregnancy trained teacher). 

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    I have had a regular yoga practice and want to continue

    If you have done a regular yoga practice before you can also attend the general yoga classes but please be aware that these are not aimed at pregnant students. However they are run by Tish who is a pregnancy yoga teacher and practiced yoga daily through her three pregnancies or Che or Becca, who are both pregnancy trained.  Directions will be given as to what pregnant students should avoid as the weeks go on and alternative postures/sequences will be given where necessary.

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    I don’t have 6 – 10 weeks left in my pregnancy?

    Yoga is great to start at anytime, even 3rd trimester right up until you give birth. The idea is you practice what you have learnt through labour.  You can drop in at anytime or save money by making payment in advance. We take advance payments for a minimum of 6 classes at £13 per lesson. 6 classes would be £78; 7 classes £91 etc. Payment for the next 7 week course can be made here.

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    Dropping in?

    Drop in £15. Subject to space.  We have space available at present.  You can book here or just drop in on the off chance. Scroll down to click ‘book’