95% of our subconscious conditioned responses are embedded in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first 7 years of life.  There is no manual so to approach pregnancy and mothering mindfully gives your child the most amazing headstart in life. Breath is life and a mother’s deep breath goes much further than making a contraction easier.  Start this incredible journey now…

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    Pregnancy yoga

    Practice with Lon

    A women’s health specialist and doula

    Tone your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy

    Establish a calm mind, inner balance and strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth

Whilst pregnant you are going through a transitional period where your physical and mental well being are so important for you and your growing little one. Yoga will increase your self- awareness as your body goes through these changes, and help you cope with them and your emotions pre-birth. Work with a women’s health specialist and ensure you are in good hands as you progress through pregnancy. 

Yoga will also: –

  • help establish a calm mind, inner balance and strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention and swollen hands and feet
  • Encourage deep relaxation through proper diaphragmatic breathing,  helping to stabilize emotions and deal with tiredness
  • tones your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy, and increases their elasticity preparing them for birth
  • helps your body to recover more easily post birth


8 week course (join in anytime) Sundays 5:30pm 28 October – 16 December

Lon Gibbons, your teacher,  is a women’s health specialist trained in the revolutionary ‘Pelfix Technique’, pregnancy massage, and has training in Spiral Stabilization, MUTU System (TM) and Nutritious Movement (TM) to ensure you are practicing the very best in movement for your pelvic floor, core and all the muscles supporting your pelvis for an easier birth.  She is also a Doula and has attended over 40 births and has a wealth of experience helping mums through pregnancy, birth and afterwards.  In each class there is space for questions and help with things such as birth plans, sleep, back and pelvic pain and any issues that come for you during pregnancy. 

Join the course now on Sundays 5:30pm

Meet other mums to be, share stories, keep in shape and learn week by week right up to birth (yoga is great during labour!)

Progress, understand how yoga can massively help in pregnancy and beyond, save money, and guarantee your space by joining a course and purchasing upfront (£12.50 per class).  The next course runs from 28 October – 16 December. Or Drop in £15 (subject to space – currently available)

If you miss the start date or it doesn’t work out with your pregnancy dates, you can join in any time. Contact us. Pregnancy yoga is advised from 12 weeks onwards or earlier if you had a practice prior to becoming pregnant.  

Never done yoga before and not sure? If you join the course and don’t enjoy your first class, tell us before the 2nd week and we will refund the course payment

Read on for frequently asked questions

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    I’d like to join but will miss a class

    If you have signed up to the course or a block of classes but you are away, you can carry over 2 classes to the start of the next course or make up a class at level 1 (Monday 7pm) or level 1+ classes (Wednesday 8:20pm) 

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    I have had a regular yoga practice and want to continue

    If you have done a regular yoga practice before you can also attend the general yoga classes but please be aware that these are not aimed at pregnant students. However they are run by Tish who is a pregnancy yoga teacher and practiced yoga daily through her two pregnancies.  Directions will be given as to what pregnant students should avoid as the weeks go on and alternative postures/sequences will be given where necessary.

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    I don’t have 6 – 10 weeks left in my pregnancy?

    Yoga is great to start at anytime, even 3rd trimester right up until you give birth. The idea is you practice what you have learnt through labour.  You can drop in at anytime or save money by making payment in advance. We take advance payments for a minimum of 6 classes at £12.50 per lesson. 6 classes would be £75; 7 classes £87.50 etc. Payment for the next 10 week course can be made here. Advance payment for less than 10 weeks can be made by cheque or cash or contact us for bank details

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    Dropping in?

    Drop in £15. Subject to space.  We have space available at present.  You can just drop in on the off chance. First come first served and payment can be made by cash or cheque. Or if you wish contact us and we will save you a space.