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    Pregnancy yoga

    Congratulations on your pregnancy

    This is a really exciting and scary time where your body will go through lots of changes.  As will your emotions.  The saying goes ‘it takes a village to bring up a child’ and that starts from conception.  It is so much easier with other people to help you on your journey. Connecting in pregnancy is so important particularly if you live far away from family. Pregnancy yoga is a perfect place to do this.

Pregnancy yoga will: –

  • give you techniques to help you establish a calm mind and mental strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth
  • keeps your body in good condition and good alignment in pregnancy
  • encourages lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention and swollen hands and feet
  • encourage deep relaxation through proper diaphragmatic breathing, helping to stabilize emotions and deal with tiredness
  • tones your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy, and increases their elasticity preparing them for birth
  • give you techniques to use all the way through labour 
  • helps your body to recover more easily post birth

Classes run in Earlsfield on Saturdays at 9:30am and Wimbledon on Sundays 9:30am (Wimbledon is also online so you can practice from home)

Yoga during my pregnancy made a real difference to my energy levels, swollen hands and feet and back tension. I learnt about the different stages of labour and breathing techniques that helped me through. I recommend it to everyone. The MUTU System is also fantastic and I loved that I knew my body would be ok afterwards. I am so much stronger now because of this. – Sarah pregnancy yoga & the MUTU System

Throughout pregnancy you may have many questions, and there is so much information out there.

  • When should I be starting my pelvic floor exercises and how do I do them?
  • Should my body feel like this?
  • my back hurts
  • how can I be less nervous about labour?

You can read all of this information on your own.  Or you can come to pregnancy yoga, practice with others in the same boat, get specialist advice and overall actually feel it in your body. 

Yoga helps to increase your self- awareness as your body goes through changes, and helps you cope with them and your emotions pre-birth.