Pre & post natal fitness

Get into your best shape to prepare for birth or recover…or finally do something for you several years later! Pre & post natal fitness classes based on the MUTU System, an award winning program recommended by the NHS and based on corrective movement, biomechanics, pilates and HIIT exercise. In person group classes – classes compliment the official online programme to ensure you are practicing in the best possible way for your body

Muscle memory is a luckily a real thing. As in if you previously trained muscles in a certain way it’s easier to train them back in that way. Have you heard of muscle separations? During pregnancy they can occur in the abdominal muscles and post birth it can feel and look like your body has really changed. And you can lose confidence in your body, experience leaking, back pain and shoulder tension especially with lots of feeding, lifting and carrying. So many women go through pregnancy not knowing this and be a little shocked post birth. Perhaps that’s you? You can recover your body confidence and actually feel stronger with a better functioning body than before pregnancy. Without the need to bind or wear tight clothing to hide everything. Better still in pregnancy you can come and learn all about this and in those days post birth know that no matter how you feel you can get better and back to your strength.

It is common for women to have diastasis recti and a weak or tight pelvic floor. Diastasis recti is where your abdominal muscles separate and where the connective tissue between your muscles becomes very thin.  Your abdominal organs then press against the thin connective tissue and make you look pregnant and possibly give you back pain or digestive complaints. Alongside a weak pelvic floor it can be difficult for a new mum or even a mum of much older children.  Luckily there is the MuTu System. Work with a MuTu Pro and you can also practice alongside other mums in person or online, get the support you need, work on your alignment for a more effective and speedier recovery and get the motivation you need to look after you so that you are the best for your family.

“I did a course alongside the online programme. It was the best decision as it kept me motivated. I didn’t know how important my alignment was until doing these classes and I made changes to everyday movements. I felt a difference in a week. And then brought my mum along too! Tish adapted the more challenging workouts for her. She wished she had known about it years ago. We feel we have techniques to love our bodies for life.” – Elizabeth

Combined with other effective posture treatments re-align the body, strengthen the core and pelvic floor and feel great.

What we do in class that is different from the online programme….

So much!  Yes we follow the movements from the online programme but how you do this really makes a difference.  We go through how you are really feeling your pelvic floor and core muscles, understanding all 3 layers of the pelvic floor and what to use.  You may even discover one side of your pelvic floor is tight or that you only engage one area. Your pelvic floor muscles make an arch.  If they do not have the stability of your legs as, say you have one foot that always turns out or you hang into one leg, then your pelvic floor muscles do not have the same stability and maybe pulled in one area. We look at how you are squatting, as squats make up a large part of the programme. And this will be explained in detail.

Understand the core movements, build to the intensive cardio workouts with alignment detail, corrective exercises and end with stretches. Equipment provided. The theory is explained so you can make a real difference to your body confidence. The classes are for any woman.  Aimed at Mums (new or of older children).  So beneficial for all women as every pelvis has a story. Babies are welcome (pre-crawling) as spectators.

Join classes with Tish (as seen in the MUTU System alignment videos) or Lon, a women’s health specialist 

Open to all women, whether pregnant, new mums, older mums, women with any pelvic floor or core issues or those looking to prevent them as we age!



TIME: 10:45 – 11:45 Wednesdays from 24 November –  4 week intro course to pre & post natal fitness

LOCATION: 25A Wimbledon Bridge This is just between Timpsons and Greggs, opposite Joe Juice in the centre of Wimbledon. 30 seconds from Wimbledon station.

PRICE: £52 for 4 weeks

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TIME: 8:05 – 9:00pm  Tuesdays. Drop in up until Tuesday 21 December

LOCATION: St Andrew’s Parish Hall, Waynflete Street. This is the building run by the Chelsea Group of Children. Please walk past the main entrance and white brick wall and turn down the side alley. Use the last door on the left and go up the stairs. The class is in the room at the stop.

PRICE: £16 drop in or £104 for 8 weeks

If you join the course but cannot make a class you can make this up at any other evening in Earlsfield or Wimbledon day time class by arrangement

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If looking to see a significant difference in 12 weeks it is definitely recommended to get the MUTU System programme. It is an award winning online programme with a money back guarantee. The programme provides 7 – 25 minute online videos, a recap of what we went through in any class or 1-1 with Tish, cheat sheets of the exercises you can print out to remind you,  a great network of mums for support, food guidance, science classes and the necessary information to get you walking and moving well throughout your day. To make a change you need to make your daily moves core moves and this programme makes that happen. It is now medically recommended by the NHS.

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