Pilates, as taught by Joseph Pilates, is a practice to target the core stabilising muscles. It aims to achieve a strong girdle of strength, allowing for correct body alignment and posture, minimising physical injury.

Pilates is hailed as one of the most beneficial exercise techniques due to the clear benefits and ability to develop strength, and balance for those with varying health and fitness levels.  We offer group mat classes and private mat or reformer sessions. 

If you are looking for group reformer classes please visit our sister company Grove Pilates or read on for private reformer sessions here

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    Group or private Pilates

    Mat Pilates

    To improve and maintain

    core strength

Mat Pilates

Joseph Pilates instructed mat Pilates as homework from machine Pilates to help build and maintain strength, recover from an injury and regain functional movement. Mat Pilates will open up your spine and strengthen your core stabilising muscles so you can move with ease, perform better in what you do, and move free from injuries.  The exercises are performed on a mat using your own body as resistance and sometimes adding small equipment such as resistance bands, small balls, toning circles, and foam rollers.  It’s a total body workout for you to get your and keep you body in top condition

Join a group class or start with a private session

We have group mat classes in the Wimbledon studio and online with senior instructors trained in classical and contemporary Pilates

Online classes: Monday 7:30pm | Sunday 10am

Wimbledon studio (and live streamed) Wednesday 6pm

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You may wish to have more individual attention before attending a group class, or have a series of private sessions to progress your practice.  

Private lessons enable you to improve your practice and help you explore the areas you wish to work on, whether easing physical difficulties, poor posture, or learning new or challenging exercises at your level. A private class can be tailored to address issues such as difficulty in movement and physical pain. Understand your body or work on your goals.  

We have senior teachers and bio mechanics specialists available to work with you.  Book for a time to you suit you.  You can request or we will suggest a teacher. 

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    Private Pilates

    Work with your injuries

    Ease tension and pain

    Strengthen your core and other muscles

    Work towards your personal goals

Reformer Pilates

It’s similar to a rowing machine in that it gives resistance through springs and pulleys on a moving bed. A reformer practice adds an exciting challenge and intensity to a Pilates workout – a whole body workout that will definitely make you sweat. Or the exercises can  be performed in a more gentle way and you use the resistance from the springs to gradually build strength, recover from an injury and regain functional movement

Practice Pilates the classical way

The traditional method of Pilates is one on one training using specialised training equipment. Pilates is a practice to realign and strengthen. Your alignment is individual to you and your lifestyle. So we have one deluxe reformer and tower in the Wimbledon studio.

Learn or practice with one of our senior teachers. Ease any difficulty in movement and physical pain. Understand your body or work on your goals. Stretch out, find incredible strength and release tension.


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Introductory offer: 45 minute taster session – £50