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Mum and baby yoga with Sophie starts Friday 10 September – 15 October 10:45am 

Join Sophie, our much loved senior yoga, who herself as just had a baby. The practice is for mums and babies. For mums the movement is focused on drawing the core and pelvic floor back together and regaining strength gently. Just as your baby slowly grows in your womb, the practice allows you to remind yourself and your body of where it can be now you are no longer pregnant. Reducing aches and pains in the upper body by opening the shoulders and releasing the neck. We focus on realigning the natural curves of the spine working towards neutralising the pelvis and regaining posture if excessive lordosis has occurred during pregnancy. At the same time enjoy the practice of being calm and mindful to undo some of the stress and challenges of being a new mum. Allow active rest and time to engage with your baby in a non-judgemental environment, which is especially good for mothers who might be struggling to cope or be feeling completely overwhelmed. Connect to yourself again and embrace a community of new mums.

6 weeks from 10 September – Fridays 10:45am at Jiva Health, Wimbledon 

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“This was our favourite thing to do when she was little. It was fantastic to move and open my shoulders that were crying out for a good stretch. I loved bonding with my little girl, learning songs and having lots of fun movement and cuddles. Her afternoon naps afterwards were always the best ” – May and Iris

TIME: 10:45 – 11:45am Friday 10 September – Friday 15 October

LOCATIONJiva Health, Wimbledon, 19A Wimbledon Bridge.  Please note it is upstairs.  If you bring you baby in a pushchair this can be left downstairs in the hallway or carried upstairs (if you can easily carry it).  There is not a huge amount of space for pushchairs so if possible please use a sling.

PRICE: £78 for 6 weeks or £16 drop in

If you join the course but cannot make a class you can make this up at class in Wimbledon by arrangement

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What do we do in the course

The saying is it takes a village to bring up a child. And at the beginning you may not feel quite yourself as your identity changes to being a mum. The nature of the course is to provide the weekly support to bring you mentally to a more comfortable, less overwhelmed space. And physically to go through all of the things that may affect you as a mum from pelvic floor issues, finding core strength, releasing back pain, opening up the shoulders and building arm strength. So as your baby grows you regain your strength to continue to be able to rock them, soothe them, feed them, and carry them with ease without sacrificing yourself.

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