Mum and baby 15

Mats and equipment provided.  Please bring your own blanket for your baby

Please note we are on the first floor.  Whilst there is a little space for prams downstairs if possible please bring yourself and your little one in a sling

*New 6 week course starting Monday 15th October 1.45 – 2.45.*

Drop in to any class for £15 or pay just £72 for the 6 week course. 

Join Harri, our much loved pregnancy yoga teacher, for the journey as a new mum. The practice is for mums and babies.  For mums the movement is focused on drawing the core and pelvic floor back together and regaining strength gently. Reducing aches and pains in the upper body from carrying baby by opening the shoulders and releasing the neck. We focus on realigning the natural curves of the spine working towards neutralising the pelvis and regaining posture if excessive lordosis has occurred during pregnancy. At the same time enjoy the practice of being calm and mindful to undo some of the stress and challenges of being a new mum. Allow active rest and time to engage with your baby in a non-judgemental environment, which is especially good for mothers who might be struggling to cope or be feeling completely overwhelmed.  Connect to yourself again and embrace a community of new mums.

How will it work with your baby?

We structure class to support mum in feeling as well as possible in both mind and body, as well as offering soothing techniques for babies, such as humming sound bath which replicates the kind of sound heard in utero. We also include sensory stimuli for babies, including sounds (clicking, humming, tutting, blowing raspberries etc.), visual stimuli (waving, wiggling fingers, the larger shapes of the yoga movements etc.) and touch (tickling, kisses, sound vibration through humming etc.)

Mondays 1:45pm – 2:45pm

6 week courses available £72 

Drop in available  – £15

Jennifer Miles, London Harri is a wonderful teacher!  So positive and encouraging.  If you’re thinking of taking up yoga, or going back after a break, I can’t recommend her enough

May and Iris aged 5 months I love taking my daughter to mum and baby Yoga it’s been my favourite class to take her to and she loves it too! From a personal perspective it was great to re-connect to my body and begin to re-build my strength, it’s also been fantastic just to move. Spending a lot of time holding baby and my shoulders are crying out for a good stretch! But my favourite thing about it has been spending time bonding with my little girl, I have learned songs I can sing to her at home (the ones from my childhood are a bit dim in the memory now!) she loves the movement and touch in the class and lots of cuddles in relaxation. Her afternoon naps are always the best after Yoga too! Bonus!