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    Mum & baby yoga

    Practice with post natal specialists

    Work on pelvic floor, back and core strength

    Learn baby massage and baby yoga stretches

In this time of huge shifts and changes, reconnect with yourself in your new post-birth body with mum and baby yoga

Mondays 11:15am in Earlsfield (and Wednesday if this class fills out)

Mondays 13:45pm in Wimbledon

Book for Earlsfield
  • Gently strengthen the body from the inside out, with particular attention to the pelvic floor, posture, back and core strength
  • Learn baby massage techniques to settle your baby, baby yoga stretches to comfort them, and use songs, sounds and rhythms to engage with them
  • Learn from your baby about movement and the cues from your baby about how they are feeling and how you relate to each other
  • Discuss other issues that maybe affecting you as a Mum, from routines, feeding and sleep issues

We recommend attending from 6-8 weeks.  6 weeks is on the young side but it depends on your baby.  If you have been out and about with them and they have been in any other groups they are usually fine. The class involves interaction with your little one  We check for a diastasis gap in your abdominals.  And work on pelvic floor recovery to get you back into shape, avoid leaking when exercising or sneezing/coughing, plus closing tummy muscles.

Usually babies are very calm during the practice, taking this cue from Mum. At any time during the class you are welcome to feed, change your baby and do anything you need to as a mum.

It’s also a time to bond with other mums. Mums often go out together after class and some become life long friends.