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    create space in

    your back

    develop strength

    stand tall


  • Relieve back pain, scoliosis, prolapsed discs
  • Relieve hip, pelvis, knee and joint pain
  • Open tight hips from prolonged sitting
  • Relieve sciatica
  • Relieve headaches and migraines
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen core, hip, knee strength
  • Improve the arches in your feet
  • Stand tall, aligned and well
  • Align the pelvis for increased chances of conception
  • Reduce back pain in pregnancy
  • Align the pelvis for easier labour

Spiral Stabilization is a revolutionary exercise method originating from Czech Republic. Dr Smisek developed the method for those with prolapsed discs and scoliosis quickly realising how beneficial it is for all those looking to improve posture, improve core strength, lengthen the spine and enhance movement performance and sports.

The exercises are performed with an elastic cord creating resistance to activate the transverse muscle chain that creates the upward lift of the spine. Strengthen the main part of this chain that includes the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.

In our modern environment where sitting and standing with the back compressed, shoulders forward is so common, the muscle chain that provides the force to keep us upright is getting weaker.  The result is:

  • rounded shoulders
  • back tension
  • weak hips and knees
  • flat feet
  • overall physical muscular tension and subsequent joint problems

I had a shoulder tear/rotator cuff injury causing enough pain to consider surgery.  Within a session I felt much better and had a lot more mobility in my shoulder.  I’ve got some practice to do but know I can use the cord and not look back.  Thanks – Trevor 2017

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