Mental Health & Yoga

So how does this work?  Isn't yoga physical movement? How can it affect my mental health? Many people put off going to yoga because it could be 'all that mumbo jumbo' and 'I'm not interested in that'.  Or maybe you…

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Self practice – really?

The Art of Self Practice (Yoga) Regular yoga is beautiful, the benefits endless.  But how should we practice - once a week, 5 times a week, different classes? Obviously classes are brilliant.  The more you do the better.  But despite…

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Pelvic floor health

Did you know? You might have known that the pelvic floor are muscles that support the pelvic organs and assist in some way in bladder, bowel and sexual function.  But why does that make them so important? In yoga and…

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Acupuncture – why?

In the past doctors were paid if patients were well, and not when they were ill. We lived to prevent illness and trouble.  Pills and surgery were not heavily relied upon as a quick fix. So why acupuncture? Acupuncture is…

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