Are you putting up with pain?

Being more sedentary, working in different positions, sports, accidents, and trauma can cause some differences in movement and an increasing number of people continue to suffer. Are you looking for a solution out of tension and pain?

Are you suffering and looking for a solution that is not drugs, injections, fusions or surgery. Have you had less movement due to working from home, illness or accidents and realised this limited movement means your posture and alignment maybe off centre? Or perhaps you woke up one morning and thought ‘I can’t move’ or ‘is this what they mean by sciatica’. A GP call later and you are on some strong painkillers and googling. Or perhaps this is way back and you haven’t had your pain resolved yet been signed off any course of action thinking ‘great, what now’. 

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    Learn how to move to heal

    Whether bed ridden or moving ok but your pain makes you grumpy, you can learn to move to make a difference and heal

What is this, what’s the wedge and foot?

Your feet carry you around. You may go to physio/chiropractors/osteopaths for your knee or back or neck pain and they target these areas and can do some wonderful manipulations that last for a while but then the pain comes back. We help you search for the cause of the pain. As your feet carry you around, take the steps, your hip or neck pain could be to do with what experience your foot is missing. And we may help gently guide your foot back to it’s original setting knowing the ground is a safe place to walk. We may also spot other things, what your core muscles or neck maybe doing in certain phases of gait. And when you have a wedge temporarily they suddenly work in a really efficient way. This is not an orthotic. It’s an experience. You may re teach your feet it’s ok to move in a really nice way.

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    Gait Realignment Therapy

    Move without pain

    Eliminate pain and optimise movement

I had a knee issue I couldn't resolve. I only had a couple of sessions. They worked really well.  Gait Realignment Therapy Jonathan
I was recommended surgery for a slipped disc and was in so much pain I believed this was the only option. I booked a package with Tish and made a few amendments to my lifestyle from shoes to changing my position at work.  I am a total convert to gait therapy as I am now pain free.  It feels like a miracle! Gait Realignment Therapy Helen

We regularly work to resolve:-

  • back pain
  • knee pain
  • hip pain
  • foot issues – plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, heel pain and more
  • shoulder complaints
  • neck pain, chronic headaches
  • injuries stopping you doing the things you love

OR to

  • improve posture
  • improve performance in sport
  • rebalance after injuries or surgery

Some of our practitioners also work regularly work with other specific issues such as

  • slipped discs
  • women’s health
  • core function

What we do?

We have been working for more than 10 years with different techniques to suit you.  These come from many modalities including Anatomy in Motion, Spiral Stabilization, Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement, Pilates, the MUTU System, Yoga and relaxation techniques such as hypnotherapy.  We often find someone comes in with one issue such as back pain and then the history highlights another such as a pelvic floor issue.  We initially address the most obvious issue which could be that you have a rotated pelvis, or excessive arch in your lower back, or one foot turned out.  We usually assess how you walk, and if you can, how you get up and off the floor or up from a chair. And then work with you to think about how you are moving at home, such as always twisting one way to reach something, or picking up your child who is getting heavier by the day. We mostly work from referrals from osteopaths and physio therapists, or simply with people who have decided it’s time to find another solution. We are movement therapists who have racked up years of experience in seeing people move. Our approach is not to manipulate the area of pain but discover the cause and help you find the space to heal

Listen to the podcast with Dr. Chatterjee and Gary Ward, founder of Anatomy in Motion here.  We have studied with Gary for over 10 years.  Or if you would like to see x-ray images and case studies for slipped discs and scoliosis using one particular technique Spiral Stabilization please see here 

Is it for me?

If you are ready to find your solution, if you are ready to understand and love your body more, if you are ready to get off pain killers, address your alignment and start thinking about how you are moving in your day or not moving in ways that can make your body feel great, then this is for you. It is not a massage, it is not working from a massage bed, it is not a pill

What will happen in a session?

  • A full biomechanical assessment of your body standing and in movement, if you can move
  • Watching you walk, if you can walk
  • Discover the pain free or good feeling movements
  • Restorative exercises to realign the body
  • Some takeaway exercises to do at home


Initial 70 min session:  £90/ (includes assessment, treatment and a mini program of exercises)

All clients see a massive improvement in one session but follow up sessions are available to maximise movement and performance

Follow up 60 min treatment sessions – £70

Packages: 6 – 60 min sessions for £360 or 6 x 45 min sessions for £280 (Times will be suggested depending on issue)