A new start for September

September is like an alternate new year. Where are you right now? Do you feel a surge of “back to school” energy and enthusiasm even though it may have been a while since you actually went to school? Or do you have a growing negative feeling about going back to work after holidays and getting back into a routine or at its worst ‘groundhog’ syndrome.

With the Autumn Equinox approaching towards the end of September we’ll start to notice the shift in weather and atmosphere as we transition through the seasons.  Autumn is the natural time for reflection, restoration and self-exploration. Rather than focusing on self-improvement like we tend to do in the New Year, it’s a great time to recognise and acknowledge all of your existing qualities and start to let them shine.

What do you want to have – a surge or a slump as you head towards Christmas?!

Yoga and movement is a way we think about energy and where we are putting it to good use. It’s a way to harness the energy of this natural new start and channel it into our well being and quite simply, feeling really good.

The idea of a yoga practice is it is a time you can make in your day or week to listen.  And to consider how you expend your energy and how you could conserve it.  Practice some movement, even 2 minutes, and then sit/stand for a moment to simply notice.

Want to create a surge?

As you take that time to listen, notice the areas of your life that take up the most of your time and attention.  Are these are the same areas that are the most important to you?  Is there somewhere you can aligning your values and actions, so that you are only giving out your energy when it’s truly worthwhile.

As the seasons change you may find that you naturally modify your existing practice to reflect ebbs and flows in your physical and mental energy levels. Adding some grounding poses to your yoga and meditation practice will help to keep you centred and focused during this transitional period.

A regular yoga and mindful movement practice will continue to develop your self-awareness and your ability to hear and honour what you need physically and mentally. Nourish your body, mind and spirit and do more than just manage day to day life.  Actually thrive.  Heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’.  It’s repeated in different ways in so many development books.  If you feel, even for a moment, you have a chance to thrive, (it usually comes after a practice), this will expand, and expand, and expand until you really do!

Come to a class at Jiva

Have a look at our timetable for classes in Wimbledon. New yoga courses start in Earlsfield from Sunday – find out more here.  In Earlsfield we have themes to the course to help you develop and thrive where you want to.

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