4 reasons for runners to practice yoga

group-running-new-640x400Running is great exercise.  You don’t need anything other than trainers and it’s just a case of getting out there.  But often you may be unsure of running technique, a little self conscious and then feel that niggle that worries you.  Or perhaps you are a runner that often gets prevented from achieving your goals due to injury.

The stretch before and after

You’ve heard it recommended and may do a quick leg up on something to stretch your hamstrings but don’t really know where to go from there.

Maybe you can feel yourself tighten up areas of the body causing tension – the jaw is a common one.  Or perhaps it’s your calves.

Simple yoga stretches and dynamic gait therapy provide 3D warm ups and cool downs to reduce injury, improve performance and help you heal from any pre-existing injuries.  They also give you body awareness to assess what can you can improve on movement wise whilst you run.


Run with your mouth closed 

Do you ever see a horse run with it’s mouth open?  You are naturally designed to breathe with your mouth closed, teeth apart, tongue resting upwards.  Get outside and you see people running mouth open, tongue almost hanging out, expelling lots of energy.  Yoga trains you to move well with your mouth closed, breathing fully.  The essence of the practice is to breathe deeply in every pose, storing energy rather than expelling it quickly.

Find your focus

Running can be a great time for reflection but it will definitely slow you down if your mind is full of unhelpful thoughts.  The positive focused mindset a yoga practice gives you is almost indescribable. It just works!  Long runs are definitely about mindset. As you find your inner mental strength in a yoga practice this translates into any form of movement, running included.  On a run I find myself going further and further with my focused yoga technique.

Alignment and technique

gait therapy 1There are different running techniques out there but the basics are we walk from heel to toe, we run from toe to heel.  So get the flow of motion through the foot working well and your natural effective running technique will follow. Your feet carry you.  Do you know how to exercise them? If you can get your push off more effective I’m sure you can imagine how much faster you could be with less energy.  And how you use your feet translates up the body all the way to your head.  Perhaps when running you twist your upper body one way more than the other.  Find this out with yoga or gait therapy and recentre yourself to improve performance and reduce injury.

Join us for:-

Yoga for runners workshop – Sat 29 July 3-5pm

Gait realignment group class – Sunday 30 July 1:10pm

Looking to start running?  Our resident Health Coach, Anna Desogus, runs Raramari Running club. She starts from outside Wimbledon station on Mondays at 7pm – £10


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