3 ways yoga helps men

Yoga was designed by men

Yoga is practiced by men

Yoga is loved by men


1. Flexibility

Guys you tend to have more strength than flexibility right? You may crack a headstand but forward bends? ‘You’ve got to be kidding, I bend backwards when I try to go forwards’ Luckily yoga allows you to love your hamstrings and hips in ways you never thought you could. Some mistakenly think you need to be flexible to practice yoga. Whereas in fact yoga will give you the flexibility you need the more you practice. Muscles lengthen before they contract and it’s all about learning to feel that in the body to find balance between strength and flexibility.

2. Back care

Statistics show that although women may talk about back pain more, in actual fact more men silently suffer. Or maybe nowadays not so silently. I do see more men for gait therapy and private sessions. Yoga is all about mobilising the spine in the 6 different ways it can move. And particularly bringing in movement to the body that you may miss in every day life, such as twists. Twists loosen all the joints in your spine for more freedom of movement. And yoga will strengthen your core and glutes providing support.

3. Stress

Again stress can be something we don’t so freely talk about, and it can build and build. Yoga allows you to take time out, slow down your reactions to things that happen by noticing the physical sensations more, and build a bigger picture so you don’t sweat the small stuff so much.

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