The wonderful world of a yoga headstand!

From Lisa

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Sirsasana or a yoga headstand. Even as a child headstands scared me! Cartwheels? No problem. Handstand? I’d throw myself into them but headstand? Noooo way was I going to stand on my head! Of course that was at gymnastics but when I started practicing Yoga it was the same story, only now the fear was doubled, the reckless abandon of youth had long flown out the window! And all that was left was a rising panic as ‘headstand’ loomed on the horizon towards the end (or at the beginning of Sivananda) class. Has the fear ever left me? No not entirely! My headstand nerves come and go and over the years so has my practice, some weeks I pop up into it away from the wall, others I cringe at my inability to even get half way but you know what? That’s ok. I do the prep, I set it up, I might hover my toes just off the mat I might hang out upside down for 25 breaths it doesn’t matter. What matters is my intention to give it a go, my ability to visualise myself in my brilliantly perfect Yogi headstand and having fun while I play with my headstand practice.

I always tell my classes as they settle for a few breaths in child’s pose that seeing yourself in headstand is 50% of the journey and even if you only ever want to do the prep poses that’s ok, what’s important is that you’ve shown up and enjoyed your class wherever you are in your practice and the same goes for taking part in a workshop. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in your practice, to challenge yourself, to maybe find some new techniques or top tips that give

you the confidence to turn your world upside down and ultimately have fun trying so as you head home you feel all that lovely sirsasana energy floating through you, you feel fearless and happy whether you did all the variations or just floated your tippee toes for a few amazing moments….

Harri in the picture here is not naturally strong. She’s the flexible type!  She’s managed to master headstand and all it’s variations nonetheless.  And therefore she has the best tips for those who find it challenging or want to be challenged into the many variations of being upside down.

Harri’s beginners class is on Thursdays at 7:20pm or vinyasa flow on Friday 9:30am


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