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 Jiva Health Wimbledon

What we offer: Yoga, Pilates, and Treatments.  With classes, workshops and retreats.  We work hard to be a yoga/pilates studio with a little bit of spirit and a lot of care.  All of our teachers are very highly trained to offer the best possible practice for you.

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What classes: We may not have hot yoga just yet but we are hot on our heels to offer you range of different classes to suit everyone, whether looking for a hot, sweaty class, to finding a slow, calm, de-stress practice.

What treats: We really do consider our treatments treats, as we have the very ancient and the very latest in healing techniques from thai yoga massage to gait therapy

Where: We are conveniently located just outside Wimbledon Station.  Not even a minute’s walk away.

‘Jiva’  (pronounced ‘jeeva’) means ‘living, energy or soul’. The studio, run by Tish and Lisa, is full of energy and soul and everything we do is designed to allow you to look after your health from top to toe.

At Jiva Health we have classes for all stages and a fun yoga community where we can practice in a beautiful studio. A true home from home, to make healthcare really enjoyable.

Jiva Yoga – yoga classes from a dynamic practice to a receptive yin practice. With senior teachers in different fields we have both ancient and the very latest practices for kinetic healing.

Jiva Pilates – matwork pilates classes to improve core strength, postural alignment and perfect mind body conditioning.

Jiva Treatments - holistic treatments from Thai yoga massage to Gait Therapy

Jiva Travel - holistic retreats at home and abroad for a week of yoga or pilates

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