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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow &
    Hatha yoga teacher
    focuses on alignment in flow
    Anatomy in Motion Practitioner
    Certified MuTu Pro
    Thai Yoga masseur

Tish Dodson

Tish teaches according to those in front of her.  Working on what you may need in terms of alignment and posture.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow or dynamic yoga alongside Nutritious Movement(TM) and Anatomy in Motion techniques to aid physical healing.   ‘I like to teach a class that helps you grow or change where possible, whether that be to get out of physical pain, let go of stress or tension or just generally feel easier about movement and life.  My passion is sustainable yoga so in each class I try to give something you can hold onto and use in every day life’.  Tish teaches mainly in Earlsfield and 12pm on Fridays in Wimbledon

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    Jiva Health founder
    Vinyasa flow & Hatha yoga teacher
    trained with Sivananda & Power Yoga
    mindfulness mediation guide

Lisa Smith

Lisa teaches creative flow classes building towards more challenging poses according to what you are looking for from the class.  Classes usually incorporate vinyasa flow and dynamic yoga with elements of her passion – Ashtanga yoga, core strength vinyasa yoga.  The core of every class is mindfulness.  ‘I like to challenge myself and on my growing journey I bring my best tools into classes.  My classes are light hearted and fun’.  Lisa teaches in Wimbledon on Mondays 11:15am, Wednesdays 12:30pm, Thursdays 7:00am but you will see her most days in the studio.

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    Sivananda & Jivamukti yoga teacher

    A professional dancer

    Trainee Pilates teacher

    Trainee movement psychologist

Jacqualene Ryan

Jacqui is orginally a Sivananda trained teacher. As a professional dancer she also brings her understanding of alignment and fludity into class and will often teach a flowing vibrant class with elements of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. She is now a Jivamukti teacher, training to be a Pilates teacher and movement psychologist. She has a very warm and welcoming approach and inspires students to find their inner teacher.