Get the yoga high!

From Tegan

Everyone has different reasons for coming to yoga, for me it was the physical nourishment and challenge it gave my body. Or so I thought!
Yoga has many benefits, but there is one thing that continues to surprise me and that is the change in my mood. No matter how tired, grumpy or emotional I feel if I can get to a class and onto my mat I know that I have taken a step towards improving that. 
There are lots of theories as to why yoga has such a profound effect on your mood.
  • The physical exercise releasing endorphins in the body giving you that post excercise high. Although it’s different to exercise.  A difficult one to explain however next time your in a class notice how towards the end, even if you have just done a really dynamic practice, it’s easy to keep your breath really slow. After intensive exercise you usually have to consciously slow your breath down.
  • The simple practice of finding some quiet time away from the screens and demands of our day to day life.
  • The re-connection to our breath. Its obvious really,… the deep sighing exhale we all use to avoid saying what we are really thinking in a stressful situation! The easiest way to calm down is to bring focus onto our breath.

It often isn’t until I leave the yoga studio and walk down the street that I notice the changes. Rather then getting uptight about my train delay I will happily use the time to think. I am more observant to what’s around me, more open to having a friendly chat and more caring of others.

If we are happier in ourselves it makes us a lot nicer to be around!

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