Fear and how yoga works

IMG-6480Yoga can helps us recognise our fears and open ourselves up to opportunity.

The fear I’m talking about here is ‘mind fear’.  This is fear created by ourselves.  We experience it on a daily basis. Mind fear is fear of failure, fear of success, fear of saying what you want. Your internal fears. Mind fear is generally not based on a logical sense of danger.  As Matt Hudson explains in his book ‘The Saboteur Within‘ in our minds we may be a prisoner to what seem like very real fears.  This is our mind, our saboteur, doing his/her job to keep us out of harm’s way.

Mind fear gets built in layers.  As Matt illustrates it’s things you may not even realise have an impact now. The twittering you heard in the back of the class room once when you got up to speak, the rejection you may have felt when friends didn’t include you or you weren’t selected for a team.  Mind fears build brick by brick. And maybe these bricks are rock solid as we have carved the way to not let those experiences happen again.

The problem with mind fear is that it is the biggest opportunity killer.  How many opportunities have you missed because of fear.  Trips you avoided, jobs you didn’t apply for, nights out you didn’t take, speeches you didn’t give.  Do you have regrets in your life?  Chance are they are rooted in fear.

We can’t eliminate mind fear from our lives but we can get better at managing it. And yoga is a great way to do this.  You can learn to recognise if your fear is as real as a herd of elephants coming at you or an opportunity coming your way.  One of the fears that is guaranteed to come up in a yoga practice is the fear of success.  Your mind will sabotage you to find a way to knock you from doing that pose.  And images will flood in, my arms won’t hold me, my arms aren’t long enough, my legs aren’t strong, I don’t have core strength etc., I don’t know what muscles to use.  This is where the journey begins for everybody.  Poses can be challenging for you to grow.  Once you start breaking down poses into their components and working at them, this allows you to recognise that you can do exactly the same thing with mind fear. Yoga is a practice. Practice, practice, practice and all the things you overcome on your mat give you the opportunity to overcome anything in your life.  The inflexibility of your mind is released on your mat.

Don’t believe me?  Che Dyer is a queen at breaking down those challenging poses into attainable pieces until you can piece them all together.  Her workshop this Saturday 28 October is on a forearm balance.  Slowly build strength, slowly release fear, and let yoga happen


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