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    Find excitement, meaning and energy

    in your working life

£40. In Wimbledon

Focus on what you want and make work meaningful

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have to postpone this workshop until September.  Please register your interest here

Are you are feeling stuck in work and disenchanted with what you are doing to earn an income, or unsure of which way to turn work wise? Then this 3 hr afternoon workshop is for you. We shall be exploring movement with Tish to discover our energy, sense of ‘I’ and to focus more on what we want rather than what we don’t want.  And then with Sue.  We can choose and get stuck in job roles that don’t reward us and don’t give us anything to find excitement, meaning and energy in our working lives. Do not remain in a job that drains your energy. Come and learn what you can do to reconnect to your existing work or find the job role that will be right for you in the future. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and a workbook for each attendee with additional resources included in the price. Come prepared for an afternoon of information, inspiration and movement all designed to make work meaningful for you.

Open to all 

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    Find a balancing practice to the faster Ashtanga or vinyasa

    sequences to rebalance energetically, psychologically and physically

£25. In Wimbledon

Chandra Krama – The Moon Sequence (the balancing practice to Ashtanga)

Saturday 24 June 4:30-6:30pm with Huma Shah, certified Vinyasa Krama Level II Teacher by Matthew Sweeney

The Moon Sequence is a unique series of yoga postures designed by the internationally renowned yoga teacher Matthew Sweeney. It’s designed as a balancing practice to the stronger Ashtanga or vinyasa sequences and to be inline with the phase of the moon.

The sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body and places more emphasis on the lower body, the hips, and a soft and stable core. It will increase strength, flexibility and circulation in the legs and hips, and can accommodate beginners and more advanced practitioners.

The sequence is traditionally practiced during full and new moon days, and is designed to help you re-balance energetically, psychologically and physically from the demands of other dynamic activities.

Perfect to practice if you have a busy life and need some gentle focused movement. Come and enjoy this beautiful and flowing practice.

Open to all