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    Slow down

    Open your hips

    Take time for you

£25. In Wimbledon

Chandra Krama – a hip opening moon sequence

Saturday 14 October 3:00-5:00pm with Huma

The Moon Sequence is a unique series of yoga postures designed by the internationally renowned yoga Ashtanga teacher Matthew Sweeney.  Ashtanga yoga is a challenging practice and sometimes we could do with slowing down a bit more but still moving. This sequence takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body that we can overuse in a yoga practice.  The emphasis is on the lower body and opening the hips, whilst working on a stable core. Perfect if you sit a lot at a desk and on the sofa.  It will increase strength, flexibility and circulation in the legs and hips, and can accommodate beginners and more advanced practitioners. The sequence is traditionally practiced during full and new moon days, and is a special sequence designed to help you slow down and re-balance energetically, psychologically and physically from the demands of life and other dynamic activities.

Come and enjoy this beautiful and flowing practice with Huma, one of the few certified Moon Sequence teachers in the UK

For beginners to advanced yoga practitioners

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    Autumn shows us how

    beautiful it is to

    let things go

£25. In Wimbledon

Yin yoga – a 5 elements practice for Autumn

Saturday 21 October 3:00-5:00pm with Laura

Autumn is the season where the days are gradually become shorter and the leaves begin to change, presenting us with beautiful colours before they let go and fall off the trees to prepare for the coming winter. This is the season where we move from the external expansive nature of summer to the internal nature of autumn.

In this workshop we will practice the art of ‘letting go’, letting go of anything we are holding on to, in our body and mind. Working on the Chinese medicine structure of meridian lines to go deeper within ourselves. This is a very nourishing practice to stimulate the Chi energy, to create space in the body and mind and finding the beauty of turning inwards. Yin yoga is the practice of holding low stretches for long periods of time (2-5) minutes which focuses on releasing the fascia and connective tissue of the body.

For beginners to advanced yoga practitioners

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    Take small steps

    Discover new techniques

    to take you a step closer

    and feel empowered

£25. In Wimbledon

Release the fear – start your journey to forearm stand

Saturday 28 October 3:00-5:00pm with Che

Come and lean into fear. Explore the foundations of forearm stand in this beginners friendly workshop. Find the small steps, tips and techniques to getting a step closer than you were before. Challenging poses are designed to teach us little big things on a the journey and feel empowered.

Fear is something that we encounter not only on the yoga mat, but in our every day lives and by learning to sit with fear on the mat, we can learn to translate that into leaning into fear in our every day lives, as that is where the growth lies.
We will explore the ranges of movement and mobility required for accessing this inversion safely as well as building strength and stability in the shoulder girdle and core so that we are able to enter into pincha mayurasana (forearm stand) with correct alignment and control.

Come and lean into fear with Che! For beginners to advanced yoga practitioners

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£25. In Wimbledon

Sound, Movement and Meditation

Saturday 4 November 4:30-6:30pm with Doretta

Enjoy yoga and Pilates that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With meditation and sound therapy using Tibetan singing bowls.  These take relaxation to a whole different level, moving any stuck energy and tension that may be making you feel low. And revitalise you so you feel energised with a deep sense of inner calm and peace.


Open to all except during pregnancy

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    Balance and re-energise

    lower stress and anxiety

    boost your immune system

    float home!

£25. In Wimbledon

Restorative Yoga & Deep Relaxation

Saturday 18 November 3:30-5:30pm with Emma Beattie

Take the opportunity to pause and prepare for the change in season.  Focus on slowing down and grounding to conserve energy over the winter months. Enjoy detoxifying sequences of restorative yoga poses and nurturing breathing exercises.  Visualise yourself now in the soft glow of candles, with relaxing music, focusing on grounding meditations. As you open the lower back releasing tension, twist to release the spine and detox the inner organs, stretch your muscles and connective tissue and release tension around your joints.  Bring your awareness to your healing breath, purify the body and quieten your mind.  Finish with a guided, blissful relaxation so you can float all the way home.
Open to all.  Please wear comfortable loose clothing

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    Find excitement, meaning and energy

    in your working life

£40. In Wimbledon

Focus on what you want and make work meaningful

Many people come to yoga who express they aren’t happy at work.  We hope to put this workshop on soon.  Please register your interest here

Are you are feeling stuck in work and disenchanted with what you are doing to earn an income, or unsure of which way to turn work wise? Then this 3 hr afternoon workshop is for you. We shall be exploring movement with Tish to discover our energy, sense of ‘I’ and to focus more on what we want rather than what we don’t want.  And then with Sue.  We can choose and get stuck in job roles that don’t reward us and don’t give us anything to find excitement, meaning and energy in our working lives. Do not remain in a job that drains your energy. Come and learn what you can do to reconnect to your existing work or find the job role that will be right for you in the future. Plenty of opportunity to ask questions and a workbook for each attendee with additional resources included in the price. Come prepared for an afternoon of information, inspiration and movement all designed to make work meaningful for you.

Open to all