Women’s Temple Sunday 25 March 6:30 – 8:30pm

What we do

Imagine a softly lit space where you sit in circle with other women and truly honour and cherish yourself.  In the fast pace of modern living we sometimes forget to create space for personal, deep self-nourishment. A women’s temple is a contemporary meditation, movement and creative enquiry practice.

A space for women of all ages to soften, relax, be welcome in their fullness, drop into presence, dance and replenish. Where you allow space and time to flow in the rhythm and beauty of the feminine.

Within a structure of simple exercises, we will share meditation, simple movement, embodiment practices and respectful, nourishing touch. There is sometimes a place for words as enquiry and an invitation to go deeper than words into the felt experience of your practice.
There is a seat for you in this circle and we welcome your unique, beautiful self.

No previous experience required. Come as you are.

I chose to attend a women’s temple out of curiosity, with no goals in mind.  The temple exceeded my expectations.  I loved everything about it.  It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to remind me of the importance of giving and being grateful.  It was a unique experience I would definitely recommend – Guiliana January 2018

Since ancient times women have gathered together to empower each other and share wisdom.  With the demands and frenzy of city life, where we may often be away from our mothers, grandmothers and sisters, women’s circle’s are becoming a place where women remember about themselves, where women re-charge, and rest. A Women’s temple is a sacred and safe space. You are most welcome to join.

Women’s Temple is open to all women

Facilitated by Jacqualene Ryan and Nora Zimerman
You can read more about the facilitators here

Next temple dates: Sunday 22 April, Sunday 13th May 6:30pm

Women’s Temple Sunday 25 March 6:30 – 8:30pm