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In a course we do a whole lot more than than traditional yoga.  In our busy lives we don’t necessarily get time or even know how to move our bodies the way they are designed to move.  We don’t often get time to reflect or take time away from the pressure of work or constant information.  The courses give time to look at ‘how you move’, what you can do with your elbows or shoulders in downward facing dog, how you can progress with your body. and how you can use movement and yoga to make a sustainable difference to your life physically and mentally.

How the courses work – The next courses start from Saturday 17 June

Take your body and mind to a whole new level.  The next course is called ‘the big leap’ – following the fantastic book by Gay Hendricks and improving your core strength and body alignment to further your practice and start floating effortlessly into yoga poses and through the summer months.  Our teachers are senior teachers trained in more than yoga such as gait realignment therapy, Pilates, Nutritious Movement (TM) and Core Walking.  All practices will help you make a sustainable change to your body, posture and alignment.

You would like to join but you will miss a class(es)?  You can make up missed classes at any time during the course.  And if you don’t make up all of them and you join the next course you can carry them over.

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June 2017 Course Booking:

Dates: from 17 June to 24th August (during August the times of classes may change by 10-15 mins due to South West train closures.  If you miss classes you can make them up)

You can pay by card via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account.  We know this isn’t always convenient and there are fees so please contact us to pay by bank transfer or call 07887850882 to pay by card over the telephone

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DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Drop inAny classAny (email or text 07887850882 to secure your space)£15.00£0.71£15.71
Monday11:15am - 12:15pmMum & baby yoga (held at Grove Pilates) - 6 weeks from 26 June£72.00£2.65£74.65
Monday7:00pm - 8:15pmLevel 1£125.00£4.45£129.45
Monday8:20pm - 9:35pmThe MuTu System by a certified MuTu Pro£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Tuesday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 2£125£4.45£129.45
Tuesday8:20 to 9:35pmLevel 2£125£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Wednesday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 3£125.00£4.45£129.45
Wednesday8:20 to 9:35pmLevel 1+£125.00£4.45£129.45
Wednesday11:00am to 12:00pmMum & Baby yoga (at Grove Pilates) 6 week course from 28 June£72.00£2.65£74.65


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Thursday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 2£125£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Saturday11:00amMixed levels£125.00£4.45£129.45


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Sunday5:30pm - 6:45pmPregnancy yoga£125.00£4.45£129.45
Sunday7:00pm - 8:15pmYin/relaxing yoga£125.00£4.45£125.45