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Next course starts from 7 January 2018 or drop in

The courses run in a similar way to a class pass except we offer a little more to help you progress though a practice and make a sustainable difference physically and mentally. You have space saved for you to attend weekly without pre-booking that space, but if you miss ‘your’ class you can make this up at any time during the course.  For more information on how this works see here

The courses follow a theme that offers you more than the usual drop in classes. We work with the latest movement therapies and mental techniques that really are the very best of the best including ‘Anatomy in Motion’ as featured on Dr. in the House (and in Dr. Chatterjee’s new best selling book – the 4 pillar plan), Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement biomechanics and relaxation, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques from Body Mind Workers.  Is this yoga? Yes it’s all the best of traditional yoga updated to modern understanding of anatomy and the mind.   All practices will help you make a sustainable change to your body, posture and alignment. And mentally take you to a better place.

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You would like to join but you will miss a class(es)?  You can make up missed classes at any time during the course.  And if you don’t make up all of them and you join the next course you can carry them over.

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Yoga has definitely changed my life. I am in such a better place than I’ve ever been and this course and teaching has played a huge part in that.  Katie 2017

2018 Course Booking:

Prices below are for the 11 week course starting in 7 January – 25 March 2018. Looking to join beginners but unsure? Request a complimentary 15 min introduction and assessment. 

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DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Drop inAny classAny (email or text 07887850882 to secure your space)£15.00£0.71£15.71
Monday9:30am - 10:45amThe MuTu System by a certified MuTu Pro£137.50£4.87£142.37
Monday11:15am - 12:15pmMum & baby yoga 6 weeks(held at Grove Pilates)£72.00£2.65£74.65
Monday7:00pm - 8:15pmLevel 1£137.50£4.87£142.37
Monday8:20pm - 9:35pmThe MuTu System by a certified MuTu Pro£137.50£4.87£142.37


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Tuesday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 2£137.50£4.87£142.37
Tuesday8:20 to 9:35pmLevel 2£137.50£4.87£142.37


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Wednesday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 3£137.50£4.87£142.37
Wednesday8:20 to 9:35pmLevel 1+£137.50£4.87£142.37
Wednesday11:00am to 12:00pmMum & Baby yoga (at Grove Pilates)£72.00£2.65£72.65This class will run if Monday is fully booked


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Thursday7:00 to 8:15pmLevel 2£137.50£4.87£142.37


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Saturday11:00amMixed levels£137.50£4.87£142.37


DayTimeClassPricePayPal FeesTotalBook Online
Sunday5:30pm - 6:45pmPregnancy yoga£137.50£4.87£142.37
Sunday7:00pm - 8:15pmYin/relaxing yoga£137.50£4.87£142.37
Sun 12 Nov4pm - 5:15pmWorkshop: Nutrition in pregnancy with Catherine Pohl£20£0.88£20.88
Sun 26 Nov3:45pm - 5:15pm 7 JanuaryWorkshop: Applying yoga in birth with Lon Gibbons£20£0.88£20.88