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    Pregnancy yoga

    Understand the changes that are happening

    Feel reassured in your pregnancy

    Move well to ease any tension

    Prepare for birth and beyond

Congratulations on your pregnancy

This is a really exciting and scary time where your body will go through lots of changes.  As will your emotions.  And there is so much information out there – when should I be starting my pelvic floor exercises and what are they – should my body feel like this –  my back hurts – how can I make birth less terrifying.  You can read all of this information.  Or you can come to pregnancy yoga, practice with others in the same boat, get specialist advice and overall actually feel it in your body. 

Yoga helps to increase your self- awareness as your body goes through changes, and helps you cope with them and your emotions pre-birth.

Pregnancy yoga will: –

  • give you techniques to help you establish a calm mind and mental strength to take you through the pregnancy and after birth
  • keeps your body in good condition and good alignment in pregnancy
  • encourages lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention and swollen hands and feet
  • encourage deep relaxation through proper diaphragmatic breathing,  helping to stabilize emotions and deal with tiredness
  • tones your pelvic floor muscles vital to support your uterus and other organs during pregnancy, and increases their elasticity preparing them for birth
  • give you techniques to use all the way through labour 
  • helps your body to recover more easily post birth
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I was recommended surgery for a slipped disc and was in so much pain I believed this was the only option. I booked a package with Tish and made a few amendments to my lifestyle from shoes to changing my position at work.  I am a total convert to gait therapy as I am now pain free.  It feels like a miracle! Helen
It was great to see a professional. Its like a student / teacher relationship. The teacher will guide /support you all the way. Tish is a mother so knows about DR and getting the flat tummy any mum would like. She provides a professional service and tailor made my 90mins and adapted my body / alignment to what I needed. Tish was amazing. The best 90mins of my life. Jyoti, March 2017 (MuTu system 1-1)
I am enjoying all the different styles of yoga available at Jiva Health, and I feel very lucky to have found your studio just when I needed it. Evelyn
I do normally travel to different places inside my own mind and soul through Silvia's classes on Saturdays, but what happened this Saturday was a step further, hence this message to Jiva to say thank you! She has this beautiful gift of balancing the right flow, the right postures, to say the right things in the right times and touch people's hearts. Yoga teachers like her are difficult to find and I feel blessed for having the opportunity to learn so much about myself through her teachings. Her devotion to her values is inspiring! During her classes, I feel that there is no past, there is no future. I'm 100% in the present and her kindness help me not only to reach the farthest reach of my body, but also the limits of my mind. This afternoon I finished her class with the deepest sense of compassion. I felt complete, fulfilled, loved. Priceless! Claudia
I attended the mum and baby yoga classes with Lon when my daughter was 4-8 months old and they were fantastic. You also learn some baby massage and lots of new nursery rhymes. I enjoyed the classes mostly because it included my baby, so I would get some gentle exercise while my daughter was able to enjoy movement through yoga, singing and massage. I would recommend this class to all mums out there whether you have yoga experience or not. This is the perfect class for recovering from childbirth and for bonding with your baby. S&T mum and baby classes 2016
I've been attending courses with Tish for 8 years now and still find that every class is different and challenging but always a positive experience! Tish always makes time to give individual advice to her students whether experienced or just starting on the yoga journey.  If you've ever thought about starting yoga, sign up for a course with Tish.  You won't regret it! Pauline
"Thanks for a brilliant class. I really think I learnt loads - not least not to lean forward in warrior pose!" Karen
“Tish manages to reach out to me in the way no other teacher has. She gives very clear instruction, each class is different and I learn something new about my body, my breath, my mind” Lucy