Yoga for women class Wednesdays 8:30pm in Wimbledon

Yoga asana as we know it is a practice that was originally designed by men for men, but is now mainly practiced by women!
A woman’s body has its own journey however, including the cycles of menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause, all of which can be hugely supported by a yoga practice. In this class we will explore yoga from the base of our bodies as women. We will explore our cycles and learn about them in a way to support and enhance our lives rather than experiencing them as an inconvenience.
We will practice more flowing, circular movement and explore breathe and sound. We will explore themes related to our life in a woman’s body.
There will also be a short sharing circle based around the themes explored.

Since ancient times women have gathered together to empower each other and share wisdom.  With the demands and frenzy of city life, where we are often away from our mother, grandmothers and sisters, women’s circle’s have growing importance.  There is compulsive evidence to suggest this has an effect on our menstrual cycles, fertility, levels of stress and anxiety. Women’s yoga and Women’s circles are a sacred and safe place to gather together and rebuild that community, get back in touch with our feminine strength and regain a sense of empowerment though our cycles of life

Imagine a softly lit space, where you are welcome just as you are, where you sit in circle with other women and begin to honour and cherish yourself, where you allow space and time to flow in the rhythm and beauty of the feminine.

In the frantic pace of modern living there is little time and space for deep self-nourishment. Women’s Temple is a space for women of all ages to soften, relax, be welcome in their fullness, drop into presence, dance and replenish.

Within a structure of simple exercises, we will share meditation, simple movement and embodiment practices and respectful, nourishing touch. There is sometimes a place for words as enquiry, however this is not a verbal sharing circle, rather an invitation to go deeper than words. Into the felt experience of the body.

There is a seat for you in this circle and we welcome your unique, beautiful self.

Facilitated by Jacqualene Ryan and Nora Zimerman

Women’s circle Sunday 27 January 6:30 – 8:30pm