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Learn to heal

We practice yoga, Pilates and meditation to self heal, whether physically, mentally on an emotional level. Would you like to hone the technique of self healing, or even start to heal others?

Maybe you have heard a bit about the Chakra System from Tish, Silvia or our other teachers and would like to understand more about connecting to energy or deepen your spiritual practice? Or have you started a meditation practice and would like to understand more about that internal connection?

Reiki Level 1

29th – 30th April 10am -1pm

Our popular Reiki course with Master Teacher Evelyn De Villiers
Reiki is accessible to absolutely everyone and the perfect way to start or deepen your energetic or spiritual journey and practice the art of healing. No previous experience or therapy training is required.

Reiki is a Japanese Healing art, the word comes from the Japanese ‘Rei’ meaning universal life and ‘Ki’ meaning energy. In Reiki, the Universal Life-force Energy (known as prana in Yoga) is channelled through the chakra system to reinforce the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Many of the teachers and therapists at the studio have trained in Reiki and even if you never use it as a therapy to heal others we have all found it to be an amazing tool for self healing and growth.

In this hands on healing practice the practitioner channels life force energy to increase energy flow into the body which in turn promotes healing, when our energy is low we are more likely to suffer from illness and stress. When the flow of energy is high we feel happy and healthy.

In a level 1 Reiki course the practitioner is given the tools to both self heal on a mental, emotional or physical level and for the treatment of others . This is a great practice to enable us to connect to the power and peace within and can be used as a spiritual path to harmonise the body and mind and aid meditation or just as a way to feel energised… It’s like having access to your own personal battery pack!

A manual will be provided to remind participants of the content covered.

The course will take place across two days from 10am-1pm, so you have time to fully absorb the information, attunements and therapies. There are a limited number of places on the course – so book now!

Reiki 1 course content
• Four attunements to facilitate the flow of Reiki and how to ‘tune in’ to Reiki
• What is energy?
• Reiki history and philosophy and Reiki in the ‘West’
• Reiki principles
• What is meant by ‘healing’?
• The Chakra System and balancing the chakras
• The Auras
• Energy cleansing techniques and energetic protection
• The 21 day cleansing process
• 12 hand positions for Self-treatment and treating others

Please contact Evelyn directly here to book your place, cost £120.

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