I was recommended surgery for a slipped disc and was in so much pain I believed this was the only option. I booked a package with Tish and made a few amendments to my lifestyle from shoes to changing my position at work.  I am a total convert to gait therapy as I am now pain free.  It feels like a miracle! Helen
It was great to see a professional. Its like a student / teacher relationship. The teacher will guide /support you all the way. Tish is a mother so knows about DR and getting the flat tummy any mum would like. She provides a professional service and tailor made my 90mins and adapted my body / alignment to what I needed. Tish was amazing. The best 90mins of my life. Jyoti, March 2017 (MuTu system 1-1)
I am enjoying all the different styles of yoga available at Jiva Health, and I feel very lucky to have found your studio just when I needed it. Evelyn
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